Me Made May: We’re half way there!

I really do have a PhD in procrastination. This is such a late MMM update and now I have so much to squeeze into one post. My bad.

But truly, I have been enjoying MMM a whole lot more this time. I think partly I’ve taken off the stress of daily photography with tripod. I relied a lot more on my iphone camera for documenting the process and my kids to get shots of me in my me-made. My four-year old has become quite the professional iphone photographer!

I am also going out a whole lot more this May.  Off course, there are a few days where the main happening of the day was me picking up the kids from school but hubby was on leave the first four days of the month and now that the kids are older, we tend to be out a lot more for enrichment classes. Without further ado, here’s my documentation for the first half of MMM2013!

Day 2

Gardens by the bay

My dear hubby, whom I’ve been married to for the past 14 years, turns 41! Off course we celebrated with food:) A nice lunch at Indochine restaurant which served fabulous Asian tapas and drinks of all seasons. The mojitos were yummy:) It’s located on the tallest of the supertrees (photo above) at Singapore’s Gardens By the Bay.




Panoramic view from the top was just amazing!

I wore my 40s sweetheart dress and me-made belt, taking in the sights.IMG_2764

The two dome structures below are the conservatories at the Gardens and boy were we at the right place at the right time ! My fave flower has to be the tulip and Tulipmania, a colourful display of 20,000 imported tulips, was on!



Absolutely breathtaking!

Day 3

It was ThemeFriday and we were supposed to have our photo taken with water. We let our girl stay home the entire week as there were 16 kids in her school down with HFMDIMG_5433

It was a good time to hangout together with the cheeky yet charming young lady. And we went to her favorite place, Changi airport. I wore my Merry Go Round Jumpsuit and the princess is also wearing a me-made dress in matching pink:)IMG_5444



Day 4

My kids are avid readers and the bookstore is one of their favorite places. I wore my rainbow fish blouse that Saturday as we visited the shopping malls, bookstores and my boy attended his TKD lessons.IMG_5528


I couldn’t contain my excitement as my order for a Pfaff sewing machine has arrived:) With hubby’s support and encouragement, I’m now the proud owner of a Pfaff Ambition 1.5. I’m truly blessed to have gotten it at the price of a 1.0:) Lawrence, the owner of the shop, gave me an orientation to the machine and I must say it is totally amazing!  Sadly, I still have not found time to get used to the new machine but I’m gonna start using it for my next project and hopefully do a review thereafter:) After using my very basic Brother BM2600 for the last 3 years, I think it’s time to move on to something more efficient especially when sewing heavy weight fabrics. The IDT system, touch screen and overlock stitch function are huge plus points!

Day 5

It’s Sunday and my son’s TKD pattern test date! If he passes, he would be a blue belt red tip- 3 steps away from a black belt. My hubby and I were a lot more nervous than my boy. The little bookworm continued to read till just before his test!


I wore a dress I have not been wearing for sometime. The Abandoned Hangar dress. Wearing it again only reminds me of how much I adore this style and I can’t wait to make more of it!IMG_2855

Day 6

This was one of the “pick kids up from school” days. The UV protection hat I wore is reversible and I’ve been wearing it lots since my boy started primary school. I paired the Goldilocks bow blouse with a long pleated skirt.

Day 7

While my boy attends enrichment classes, I had to keep my girl entertained so we had 2-hour of non-stop playtime at SingKids Play-system. With all that bouncing involved, I wore the Echino print Hike and Seek outfit. I was totally exhausted after the session but my girl enjoyed herself so much, making it all worthwhile!

Day 8

Another day with enrichment classes and this time I wore the Woolloomooloo Wharf dress. I have not wore this for a while as I remembered that the linen crinkled like crazy. Somehow after a few washes, the fabric seemed to have softened and behaved much better. The color and fit were very flattering and off course I loved the 1940s seam and yoke details. I enjoyed wearing this so much that I visited Spotlight that very day, hoping to get some good linen. However, I was disappointed with the quality and range of linen there. IMG_2918



Day 9

My boy’s visit to the dentist and he was perfectly well behaved! I matched his school uniform unintentionally in my eyelet Laurel blouse🙂IMG_2939 Day 10

It was ThemeFriday but my sewing room was a terrible mess so I decided to take a raincheck on posing in my creative area.  The fabric has spoken dress was just so comfy to wear:)
IMG_2944 Day 11

Are you still here? Kekeke:P

It’s the weekend again and we celebrated mothers’ day! Out came the Festivity Macaron from my wardrobe and I matched the dress with fuschia bag and shoes. My best present was my boy ace-ing his pattern test and getting his new belt! My lil princess totally enjoys her ballet lessons. The special day was celebrated with a sumptuous Korean lunch with my parents.





Day 12

My girl took this photo while she’s on a Barney & Friends kiddy ride while my son enjoys his swimming lessons. It’s Sunday so we’re off to church and Sunday school after lunch. Well, we kinda celebrated mother’s day again as hubby brought us to my fave pizzeria Osteria Mozza. He is so sweet!


Ooops, I nearly forgot the dress- it’s the Giddy with Polka Dots dress, one of my all time fave me-mades:)

Day 13

I am always exhausted on Mondays after activities filled weekends:) Here’s me, my floppy hat and Cape Tara. Yeah, another “pick kids up from school” day.IMG_2966

Day 14

Enrichment class day:) I have not wore this picnic macaron for at least a year or more as the zipper was faulty. The MMM has definitely motivated me to get the zipper replaced and tada! my second piece of mended dress. As good as new, yay! When I picked my boy up from school, he asked me, “Mama, is this one of the dresses you sewed yourself?”. When I answered yes, he then asked, “then why is it so pretty?” I was just speechless:) Sweetness inherited from daddy?IMG_2974 Day 15

Flattery gets you everywhere. So, I guess I rewarded my boy with a trip to Toys R Us. He loves to check out toys:) I was going for a massage when he’s at enrichment so I wore my Gather & Go Jersey dress and me-made belt. It’s wrinkle free and makes changing a breeze.


Phew! That’s my MMM 2013 report for the past 2 weeks! We have two and a half weeks more to go! Check out the flickr group if you have time. I go through them daily and am so inspired by all the me-made energy!
Scallop Laurel CU side
Another great news is that my “Cute” Scallop Yoke Laurel dress got into the top 20 for Laurel Contest Reader’s Choice! I feel truly blessed and honored that my creation is placed among all these talented seamstresses and the amazing versions they have created!
My Robson trenchcoat is almost completed and I can’t wait to share it with you.
Have a blessed week!

11 thoughts on “Me Made May: We’re half way there!

  1. Wow! Your wardrobe is amazing! I love your style and envy your sewing skills. I hope to have more time this next year to work on my own me-made wardrobe. I think you look particularly fantastic in late 30s/40s era influenced clothing.

  2. I have to say I am very envious of your lovely wardrobe. The Hangar dress looks AMAZING on you: you should make more! Really happy to learn your Laurel was chosen: it is a gem! Ooh, and I hope you don’t mind… I might make my own tweeked-out version of your picnic macaron: it’s so perfect for summer!

  3. What a beautiful wardrobe! You are so talented and creative. I want to steal your ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love reading about your children – they are so cute. I love to check your site for ideas and color combinations. Truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
    Nancy in Virginia USA

  4. yee…ooh…mah….yaaaa…

    my brain is on awesome overload. you had me at supersize tress and drinks of all seasons and RED AND PURPLE DRESS. ballet picture! floaty top! bookworm!

    i need to go lie down.

  5. I LOVE this update! It’s so fabulous to see snippets of your daily life and your adorable children…and of course, your AMAZING me-made outfits…love, love, love!!!

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