Me Made May-The Finish Line!

I never failed to have mixed feelings at the end of a Me-Made Month. This one is no exception. I’m sad that it’s over and will definitely miss the excitement I feel while going through all the lovely me-made creations by fellow participants in the flickr group. I’m happy to have met so many wonderful and creative ladies and am delighted to have even met two other participants living in Singapore! Belinda and Opportunityknits, do check out their lovely makes:)

I knew I shouldn’t procrastinate on this update or I’ll never remember what I wore the second half of May after my vacation. So, here goes cyber diary!

Day 16

A pick up the kids only Thursday so I went casual in my Ebony Kaftan paired with jeans. This Kaftan was made as a swimwear coverup for the pool but once in a while, it doubles up as a blouse.


Day 17

It was ThemeFriday once again and the voted theme was hat, which was really easy for me:P I wore my Birds Drape Drape dress with a shell embellished hand-woven hat I bought in Bali years ago.IMG_3007

Mums are the best! My dear mum helped me pick up the kids from school this Friday so I could run some errands. I enjoyed me time and a great bowl of Bun cha at one of my favorite Vietnamese hangouts.IMG_3013

Later that day, I got to wear another kind of ‘hat’ at the hair spa:P IMG_3021

Day 18

It’s Saturday! Yelp, it’s endless enrichment classes day again with Taekwondo, ballet and art classes for the kids. I wore the With or without bow birthday dress bowless this time:)IMG_3031

Day 19

For Sunday’s swim class, my gingham shirtdress was quite poolside appropriate:)

Day 20

Back to school day. Did I mention I feel most exhausted on Mondays? Happens every week. It’s again a pick the kids from school day. I’m in the Mistaken Identity outfit (playsuit not a dress).IMG_3055

Day 21

I’m all blue today in my Peekaboo sleeve Tara and yes, I got myself a new haircut. My first Japanese cut actually.IMG_3084

Here’s a close up.IMG_3083

Day 22

Longest day of the week! As we are going on vacation soon, my son is going for his usual enrichment class followed by his replacement class. I decided to make myself comfortable in this refashioned Nautical inspired dress made from two jersey nursing wears. IMG_3087

To keep him going and to cheer him up, I treated my boy to some delicious Udders ice cream after his first class. He was so hungry and greedy, he only allowed me to take a few bites!IMG_3092

But, that’s fine cos when Daddy joined us for dinner, we had fabulous pizzas at Extra Virgin Pizza!IMG_3094

Day 23

Thursday. It’s pick kids up from school day I know but I just felt like dressing up a bit with my echino grassy plain dress.IMG_3102

Day 24

TGIF! It’s Vesak Day, a public holiday in Singapore and we went shopping in Orchard Road. I’m wearing a dress I made in 2011 but never blogged. The jersey fabric was from Spotlight and the pattern is McCall’s 5752 Perfect Knit Dress pattern.  The dress has a flattering v-neck, mock wrap front and ruching at the waist. It’s another Theme Friday and this week the theme is hometown so I took this photo in front of Ngee Ann City, right in the centre of Orchard Road shopping action.


In the evening, our family went to the Changi Sailing Club for a feast of delightful sunset and IMG_3121

yummy Indonesian cuisine!IMG_3123

Day 25

Saturday and we are back to the hassle and bustle of enrichment classes. I went monochrome in the Reflection of the Moon dress.


Day 26

The kids started to cough today and we took a break from swimming lessons. Weather was good so we decided to go cycling. I love the resort feel of the Love Batik Tunic and wore it to the beach:)

But before that, let me assure you that once again there was feasting involved. IMG_3153



Day 27

A busy Monday as I brought the coughing kids to the PD after school and they were put on antibiotics for a week. I wore my Parfait sundress.


Day 28

I’m not quite sure why, perhaps it’s the size of these sleeves but passerby always seem to stare at my Ivory Lace Kaftan blouse. It’s paired here with the Bella Jeans.


Day 29

One of the first dresses I’ve ever sewed, the Tablecloth Tunic Dress. I don’t get much wear out of it as hubby thinks the colors are too loud. Think I should try to wear this more on weekdays while picking up the kids.IMG_3191

Day 30

You know I’m starting to miss RTW jersey tops when I start mixing them with me-made bottoms. Here’s a Lulu Guinness tee from Uniqlo with my Waiting for the bell skirt.IMG_3199

Day 31

ThemeFriday is Red! Red on the Keyhole mod mini dress. Red hat (Hi Sun!). Red umbrella (Hello Rain!). Seriously, I’m not trying to merge ThemeFriday themes of water, hat and red in one photo… it just happened that way! How nice it is to end the month in a bright, prosperous hue:P


OMG Day 31! Yes, I’ve worn at least one me-made garment each day for the month of May without repeats! I know I’ve worn lots of dresses but they are truly my favorite thing to wear! I use to think I need to sew more shorts and separates but now I need to ponder more about that.

I’m grateful to Zoe for hosting this fabulous month once again, for the MMMers who are so inspiring & encouraging (hugs to you all!) and to my lil ones who played photographers on most days. I’m truly blessed to be part of this wonderful experience!


7 thoughts on “Me Made May-The Finish Line!

  1. I’m a new reader to your blog. You have a great sense of style, and I want an exact copy of everything you’ve posted! Have a wonderful vacation, I look forward to seeing your updates when you return.

  2. I’ve enjoyed seeing your clothing for the month. You have such a beautiful and fun wardrobe! It’s so full of color and life. Wonderful photos, too. It looks like you’ve had an exciting month!

  3. I love ALL your outfits too. You always look so elegant and stylish. You have a great talent and it is great that you share it! Thank you!

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