Do you miss The Sew Weekly?

Do you miss The Sew Weekly?

Having sewed on a common theme each week with Mena, Debi, Sarah and Veronica for an entire year in 2011 and being an avid follower of the blog in 2012, I was refreshing the blog’s home page in the beginning of 2013 when no updates came. That was totally unexpected.

I miss The Sew Weekly…

The tablecloth dresses

I miss sewing with the community on a common theme…

I miss seeing what everyone has created…

I miss all the inspiring works…

I miss the notion/pattern swaps…

and all the excitement!

And one day, I received an email from the lovely Debi asking some questions on a vintage pattern we swapped in 2011. We “spoke” about The Sew Weekly, how much we missed it and thought it would be great if we could sew based on a common theme again! Sarah and Veronica too were excited to sew as a group again! We can’t wait!


And we would like to extend the invitation for you to sew with us in The Sew Weekly Reunion! Everyone and anyone can join! There is no project that’s too big or too small. Come sew with us!


13 thoughts on “Do you miss The Sew Weekly?

  1. What happened to The Sew Weekly? Was it too much work for Mena? (Understandable if so, I don’t know how she did it!) Stuck in Christmas stitches and NYE frocks for ever more… Good on you for reviving the project. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

  2. Oh lord how I miss The Sew weekly! I was wondering what happened… I visited every week for a few month, hoping some new challenges would pop-up, but to no avail.
    I am thrilled to learn of this reunion! Long live the Sew Weekly!

  3. @Tillybuttons: It sure was a lot of work and I admire Mena for all that she’s done for the sewing community. I didn’t know how she did it too! Just heard from another sewist that she might have started a new company and is probably busy with that.

    I’m excited about the reunion:) Thank you so much for the encouragement!

  4. I too miss the Sew Weekly. Mena and I have kids in the same school and cross paths now and then, so I know she has had a number of transitions that have impacted her time. She continues to be a wonder will all she does.

  5. You mean the founder didn’t contact you to tell you what happened? Wow.

    I wasn’t a huge fan. I thought the topics were sometimes culturally insensitive (“Gee, let’s pretend to be Hispanic/Latina with no knowledge of that culture, or even the basics of ‘West Side Story’ “). I admired your skills, however.

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