Denmark Part 1

Hello all!

I visited the amazing country of Denmark in June.  Aw, I have no words to describe how beautiful it is. We took so many photos and I have not even downloaded half of them. Is it all right if I spread things out a little and share snippets of our journey in a few posts? Otherwise, it may just end up like my Paris or Korea trips. I simply didn’t know where to start after downloading all that photos.

Here are some shots where I wore my Waterproof lace trenchcoat and my Parfait dress (made for my trip to Paris last May). I love bringing garments I’ve sewn on my trips:) Weather was perfect except for a few rainy afternoons where my Robson coat was put to good use.

My kids PDA at the Stroget, Copenhagen.

My kids PDA at the Stroget

Enjoying some sorbet at Langelinie Park, Copenhagen

Enjoying some sorbet at Langelinie Park

The little mermaid

The little mermaid



And here are some shots from my iphone. Let’s talk about fabrics first, ke ke ke 🙂

I chanced upon Stof2000 near the Stroget (main shopping street) and bought a cute cloud fabric (below) to make a dress for my girl. There are two stores side by side, one selling apparel fabric and the other upholstery fabric. I was a little disappointed when I found out that they do not sell any Scandinavian fabrics.  But, I discovered a quaint market opposite the road. A great place to grab a simple meal, some desserts or fresh fruits.




I made my first visit to Marimekko! So pardon me if I couldn’t control myself! I bought these cotton babies. The pink border fabric is a reprint from a 1960s classic design. The purple with deer is a panel print. The colors are MAGNIFICENT!

marimekko fabrics

marimekko fabrics

Design Museum Denmark was having an exhibition of Post-war British Textile and we were so blessed to be there! If only they re-produce  some of these for sale!

Design Museum Denmark

Design Museum Denmark




The retro equipment and furniture. Love, love, love!IMG_3478 IMG_3515

The sights! I love Copenhagen! It is truly a city where sightseeing is best done on foot and a canal boat tour is not to be missed!IMG_3509






Hope you enjoyed sightseeing with me today. Tomorrow, a new outfit post and the lace giveaway I promised before the trip. Meanwhile, have you checked out the theme for the Sew Weekly Reunion?


We are going to sew the fall 2013 color(s) which are absolutely gorgeous and hopefully we can all stash bust in the process. More than 80  ladies have signed up and I’m absolutely thrilled! So, do join us! Deadline for the reveal is 1 September.

Have a blessed week!


12 thoughts on “Denmark Part 1

  1. Hi Adey, what lovely photos of your trip! Scandinavia is AMAZING! And how cool is Marimekko? I’m thinking of joining the Sew Weekly Reunion, I have the perfect fabric, but not sure if I will have the time.
    Looking forward to Denmark 2.

  2. Such a pity I didn’t know you were here, then I would have showed you the best store for fabric in town. It’s hidden away behind the old theater next to Kungens Nytorv. Amazing little space, owned by lady with quite some character… 😉
    Looking forward to taking part of the sewing challenge
    Have a lovely day

  3. @Belinda C: Yes, the region is amazing and the skies so BLUE! I want to go back! I wished there’s a Marimekko here, LOVE its prints in a major way! I hope you can join us cos I can’t wait to see what you make with that perfect fabric you have!

  4. @craftysorcha: Thank you, it’s a really enjoyable trip! I’m not sure if the two are related but looking at the prints on the Stof website, I doubt they are cos the range looks very different.

  5. @moa: Aw, what a pity indeed!!! I must have been very near since I walked from Stroget to Nyhavn. Kungens Nytorv is the area under reconstruction right? If I have the opportunity to visit again, I’ll love to meet up and visit the best fabric store in Copenhagen!

  6. Oh, you are truly blessed to have the opportunity to see so much of God’s beauty here on earth! Your family is beautiful & your talent is amazing. I look forward to your post.

  7. It was fun to follow your trip round my city here – I’m looking forward to the next post. I love the Marimekko prints you bought (and Marimekko in general :))!

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