The Wavy Wave Anna Muslin

Wavy Anna Dress

I dunno about you but I’m usually too lazy to make a muslin. And if I do make one, it is when I am trying a pattern from a designer for the very first time (not sure about the ease, fit, sizing etc) or when the yardage requirement is more than my norm of 3 meters/yards.  Instead of using a muslin fabric, I use a fabric that is relatively inexpensive and hope for the best- that it turns out wearable. This way, I won’t kill myself if it doesn’t and if it does, it’s a win-win.

The Anna dress is the first By Hand London pattern I’ve sewn and fulfills both my reasons for a muslin. I used 3 meters of a light weight border print cotton fabric from Ikea which I bought during a sale years ago.  The fabric enhances the resort feel of the dress and I thought an unfinished hem would go nicely with it since it was cut on the selvage. The border print was on both selvages but I wanted the top of the dress to be completely white, which meant I had very little fabric to work with.  That explains why I ended up with a dress that’s calf length. Me and my stubbornness.


I cut a size US8/ UK12, lengthened the bodice and chose to sew the v-neck version. I didn’t line this translucent dress but chose to wear a slip instead. This was the third dress I sewed last month, which I thought was perfect for my staycation at Sentosa Cove. I’ve worn it thrice since so I guess the length didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would:)

The pleats on the bust are exquisite. I seriously love them! This dress is a real quick sew. I cut. I sew. And I was done the same day!  All ready for my Sentosa staycation:)  And when the wind blows (like the photo below), that when the wavy waves appear at the bottom of the skirt.

Now that I have my muslin, I am so taking part in the Anna Dress Sewalong which is happening right now till mid October. I want to sew all 3 versions of the dress, if I can! Are you sewing along too? Can’t wait to see everyone’s versions!

Wavy wave Anna back

But, before I start work on my Anna(s),  I need to finish up an Emery dress in a silk velvet  fabric…it sometimes gets tough sewing with super slippery fabric and affects my sewjo/ mood in general but I’m almost there. Think I really do need to check out the fabric stabilizers. Any brand you would recommend and is available online?

Have a blessed week!


19 thoughts on “The Wavy Wave Anna Muslin

  1. oh yeah, i totally get that about difficult fabric affecting my sewing energy. i had to put my slippery, sheer polyester anna away for a bit and force myself to work on something in cotton instead. but your anna is wonderful, so crisp and summery! makes me want to finish mine 🙂

  2. I really like this dress and the fact that it’s a muslin, but wearable. Those are the best kind. It has a casual everyday feel, that you could wear instead of jeans, but still look really nice. I looked for the By Hand London, Anna Sew Along, but couldn’t find it. Can you share a link, please?
    P.S. I received my buttons that I won from the Sew Weekly Reunion. They are absolutely precious and so unique! I’m going to make outfits to go with the buttons instead of the other way around. Thank you so much!

  3. This is wonderful! One of my favourite Anna’s yet. It’s great that it is so flattering considering that it is a muslin, I guess that shows the quality of the pattern too!

  4. I agree with your comments on muslins! I’m too lazy too, so I just usually pick a fabric that I know I won’t cry over if it doesn’t turn out! Love your Anna!

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