“I’ve Gone Nuts” Silk Anna Dress

My dress for the Anna Dress Sewalong is done and I LOVE IT! The yummy fabric is Marni for H&M Silk Crepe de Chine. I LOVE this fabric! It was a dream to cut & sew and the best part is it is hand washable! I also LOVE that it has such a casual almost batik like print, making this silk dress very wearable:) And unlike my wearable muslin, this version has gone full length maxi.  I used some remnant silk organza for the facings and it worked beautifully. When a pattern has a v-neck version, I would go for it 99% of the time. It’s one of the most flattering necklines out there. Again, I stuck to the original pattern US size 8/UK size 12 and lengthened the bodice by 2 inches. To me, the fit is so perfect.  I need to find time to sew myself a few more Anna dresses.
Double slits Silk Anna

But, did I mention that I’ve gone nuts?
OMG! I’ve sewed By Hand London’s Anna dress with double slits!!!
But, before I show them to you, promise me you’ll ignore my pedi nail polish all fading away… Boo hoo, this mama has no time for touch up till next week.
So here they are. My most daring dress detail EVER! The first slit between the centre and left front pieces…


And another between the centre and right front pieces. Double slit silk anna

The slits were blind stitched by hand and all other seams were finished with french seams. It was tough capturing both slits in action using my camera’s remote so I ditched that half way and set the camera on timer for multi-takes. That kinda worked I think. I tried my best.


Double slit silk anna move

With the slits, I was a little apprehensive of the wind but as it turns out movement and wind are definitely friends of this dress.


Am I nuts?

At first, I thought hubby wouldn’t let me out of the house in it. THANK GOD he LOVED it! I love the feel of the silk and how flowy it made the dress. It’s a 17mm thick (I think it’s either thickness or weight?) fabric and perfect for sewing up an Anna. This has to be one of the favorite things I’ve ever made!

Winner for the Emery Dress Pattern Giveaway

Thank you all for participating in the Giveaway and for all your encouraging words! They all meant so much to me.  To answer some questions asked.

1) The shoes  I wore were Irregular Choice and yes, the heels were the cutest garden gnomes ever! I almost feel bad ‘stepping’ on them.

2) I lengthened the bodice of my Emery dress by about 3 inches.

3) I usually take my photos in my living room. If you look closer, you can see dust collecting on the chandelier.

Without further ado, the winner of the wonderful Emery Dress pattern by Christine Haynes is Bec Stitches!

Congratulations Bec! Please send me an email (adeylim@gmail.com) with your mailing address and I will mail you the pattern once I receive it.

Blessed week everyone!


35 thoughts on ““I’ve Gone Nuts” Silk Anna Dress

  1. aaah, gorgeous! and the fabric– do you mean it’s yardage sold to the public but made for H&M? i didn’t know that could be had!

    i looove the double splits. i meant to go for that on my sheer anna, but promptly machine sewed my first slit seam up without thinking. and that was the end of that 🙂

  2. Wow, that dress is absolutely stunning. You look amazing and the fabric is beautiful. there are so many amazing versions of Anna out there I have now added the pattern to my Christmas wish list.

  3. I love this Anna! I love the fabric. I too want to make a silk Anna, but I just haven’t found a pretty print yet. Your Anna is probably one of my favorites! I can’t believe you stitched not one, but two slits! Great work!

  4. @ Oona: Aw, the double slit is so you! Would have loved to see it! I was so adamant about sewing double slits that I left part of the center back and side back unsewn, then I realized that’s the back…

    The fabric was from Marni for H&M clothing line, so it’s like any other designer (milly, j crew, boss etc) fabric that just so happen to be in a fabric store:)

  5. Wow, you keep topping yourself, that’s just a fantastic dress, you’re making me want to take more risks with prints instead of defaulting to safe solids!

  6. *Le Gasp* The dress is lovely, Adey! Those two slits are very daring but look ahhmazing! Can’t wait to see what other Annas you come up with.

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  8. I know I’m mad late to this party but WHERE did you buy your fabric from?? I know I prolly won’t find it now but was it from an online shop?

    I luv your Anna and the fabric is gorgeous!

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