South Korea and the “Donghae” Sweater Dress

Just before my family vacation last December, I recalled how freezing cold a Korean winter can be and decided at the very last minute that I must absolutely own a 100% wool sweater dress. Since I don’t have any knitting skill, I cheated by sewing one up- in a few hours. I’ve had this gorgeous sequined wool fabric  from Emmaonesock in my stash for almost a year now and decided to use Sewaholic’s Renfrew sewing pattern to create the dress.

Boy am I glad I did. I really enjoyed wearing this sweater dress. It kept me so warm that I didn’t need to button up my wool coat. And I totally get the rave reviews the Renfrew pattern has been receiving, my only regret is not sewing it earlier and making multiple versions of jersey tees. My only change to the pattern was to lengthen the hem to a dress. Easy peasy.

Wool Renfrew dress

We went skiing on the slopes of YongPyong and it was around minus 12 degrees Celsius. Even in Seoul, it was minus 4 degrees, so you can imagined that the dress was put to good use. The only time when I was in this dress and didn’t need any coat was during our visit to the East Sea (Donghae), about an hour’s drive from YongPyong Resort.

wool Renfrew dress

wool renfrew dress
It’s our first visit to the East Sea and definitely not the last. The ocean was so blue and amazing!
And the natural rock formation breathtaking!
The seafood, simply unforgettable. Can you imagine squids the size of my 5 year old???
 I didn’t eat these but my jaw dropped seeing them at the market! What we ate were the sweetest fresh steamed crabs ever!
I loved my sweater dress so much that I made a mini version for my lil princess too in another wool sweater fabric from emmaonesock, this time a 1 yard roll ends that has been in my stash.
When in Korea, off course I had to visit my favorite fabric store. I mentioned it in my post from last year’s trip to the Dongdaemum fabric market- Stall A3091. Now, it’s A3092 as well. It has expanded to two shop fronts!
These were the 3 fabrics I bought. Pop Art. Border print with geese and an angel fabric
There were too many beautiful places from this vacation to mention but I dug these out from my phone albumn and would  highly recommend a visit if you are going to Korea.
The Heyri Art Valley in Paju
The Secret Garden (Huwon) at Changdeokgung Palace
Nami Island
YongPyong Ski Resort
Hope you enjoyed this photo-tour of Korea:)

19 thoughts on “South Korea and the “Donghae” Sweater Dress

  1. Beautiful. I love your daughters dress too.. Both you and she , look adorable in them. Such pretty photos.. Know you had a lovely time.. look forward to seeing what you make with your new fabrics.

  2. Wow! All these places look so beautiful – what a trip! Your dress looks great too, and I love that you made a matching one for your daughter.

  3. The pictures are amazing – love the ones of the water!

    The dress looks so warm and cozy and very cute on your daughter as well. 🙂

  4. loved travelling with you to korea;) thanks for the photo tour. i will have to check out that ski resort. i normally go to Val Gardena resort in Italy, but maybe one day who knows….

  5. Lovely photos, thank you for sharing!
    It is so funny, I just made a refrew dress to as a present for a friend, I think we posted the same day too!!

  6. I. Cannot. Wait. To see what you do with that geese print. I love it! What wonderful pictures and I’m so glad you shared them. Thank you!

  7. I am learning Korean a little bit right now and would LOVE to visit! If I do I’ll definitely ask you where the best fabric stores are. These pictures are gorgeous and your sweater dress is practical and chic. Gamsahamnida!

  8. Thanks for sharing your trip pictures with us. I really enjoyed this post. And I’m inspired by your are free modification. It looks so cozy and warm!

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