Australia Part 1: The Road Trip

While sewing has not stopped, I found myself sacrificing blog time for sew time. With things getting busier and kids’ chauffeuring getting crazier,  sew time has become more precious  than ever. Photography takes time and I would rather step on my machine pedal than to set up the tripod. As a result, unblogged projects stays unphotographed. That’s where a vacation comes in handy. By adding a sprinkle of self made garments to the trip and voila! I’m finally posting and scheduling…a series of posts. And, yes! I’ve sewn some winter pieces, some of which will be keeping me warm during my longer stay in the UK this year end.


I’m typical Singaporean and FOOD is our national hobby. So, naturally a good start to any road-trip has got to be a good breakfast. And this Baked Eggs with Chorizo, Piquillo Pimento Sauce, Crunchy almonds and Goat’s milk cheese at The Hardware Societe in Melbourne was yum!


This is our family’s first road-trip. 3 days of driving along the Great Ocean Road. We stayed at a cottage near Port Campbell where every evening my favorite activity was getting the logs burning in our own fireplace. Cheap thrill I know but it’s not something we get to do at home ever.


Are you ready to go on a photo road-trip with me? Here goes…


Mirrored Cloud at Aireys Inlet



Stunning beach view at Aireys Inlet

Jeans: Burdastyle’s Bella blogged here. My first Jeans and still a trip favorite. I vowed to make a couple more of these.


Split Point Lighthouse


The very quaint Willow’s Tea House



Freshly baked pumpkin pie that just emerged from the oven


Lots of winding roads, sometimes covered in fog

Top: Robin Egg Blue Wool Cable Knit Sweater/ adapted from Sewaholic Renfrew. Honestly, this is a little too big and chunky for my liking so I may refashion it into sweaters for my kids.

Bottom: Culottes or what the vintage 70s pattern called pant skirt in pastel blue wool/ Simplicity 7672. I hated culottes growing up as a kid in the 70s (okay so I hated culottes, girly dresses and lace…) how that has changed! Love culottes, seriously! I wore this lots so you will be seeing a lot of it in the next post.






The Twelve Apostles on a misty day


Hopkins River Warrnambool


Hopkins Falls

Next up: Brighton Beach, Melbourne
Meanwhile, happy sewing and have a blessed week!

15 thoughts on “Australia Part 1: The Road Trip

  1. It looks like you had a great trip. Your photos are beautiful and they make me yearn to visit Australia.

  2. I’m glad you had such a good time visiting my home town of Warrnambool! You have just missed some wild weather this week where the waves were throwing boulders up onto the beach road. We used to go to Port Campbell every year for holidays and I don’t think it gets any less beautiful.

  3. Lovely photos of my home state. I’ve been living away from home for so long (London and Singapore), so it’s lovely to see all those places I used to visit. You take such nice pictures too. I’m looking forward to you Brighton Beach pictures. My nana lived in Brighton, and I used to love visiting there on the weekends.

  4. I visited Great Ocean Road last year, and oh my.. It was beautiful, your photo brings back the memories. Love your sewing, I am a newbie in sewing.. Your blog inspired me to sew & learn more. Enjoy your holiday!

  5. Hey, good to here from you again the Bella jeans look great. They scare me they look way above my skill level.

  6. @noney: I hope you get to visit the beautiful country soon!

    @Siobhan: Thank you so much, we had an amazing time. Oh dear! The boulders sound scary. I hope the weather has calmed down. Great Ocean Rd-Definitely one of the most beautiful place always.

    @myztically: Some photos were taken with hubby’s new toy, a mirrorless camera -Olympus OMD EM5. The rest are from my iphone using an app called Camera360.

    @Amanda: Oh my, in a blink of the eye, haha

    @Just A Simple Guy: Mine’s powered:)

    @Katie M: Brighton is SO lovely, I wish I could stay there too:)

  7. @zibergirl: Thank you so much Barbara! You are so sweet!

    @Mel @macinic: Thank you!

    @Ines: I sewed them when I was still a beginner, the pattern is great though burdastyle’s instructions were lacking. I hope you try them someday, it’s a great jeans pattern:)

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