Amazing Kids Clothes!

While joining in the fun of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway, I stumbled upon a jewel-the Elsie Marley blog!   I couldn’t help but notice a number of giveaway hosts being involved in the Elsie Marley Kids Clothes Week. Anything to do with kids clothes is a blog magnet for me. I missed the Kids Clothes Week Challenge though (bummer!) as it happened in the second week of May where mummies were to sew an hour a day that week. By looking at the amazing outfits they created or refashioned, I’m  guessing most of them committed more hours than that.  Take a look at the Elsie Marley flickr pool! These are my favourites:

Ruffle top by Hickety Pickety

Beach Hoody by TrulaKids

Bubble dress by Hillary Lang

Sailboat pants by Mon Ami

I also saw this tutorial I would love to try. It transforms a simple dress into a gorgeous flower collar dress like these:

Flower collar tutorial by Katie Did

Kudos to the amazing mummies!

Retro Halter Playsuit 2

Here’s another retro halter playsuit I made today. I love the print on this Japanese fabric. Not sure what’s its name but I think it’s under a collection called Pop Candy. I bought the fabric about a year ago in Chinatown and when going through my fabric stash about two months back, I saw it and decided it’s time to make a playsuit. I cut the fabric after washing and drying it but got distracted by other projects. I sure hope I’m not the only one who gets distracted by new sewing patterns or fabric all the time. Today, I had so much fun making it but realized after sewing that my princess has grown so much over the past month that she might only be able to wear it for a day! Guess it is meant for another princess then.   More photos here

Like my last retro playsuit, it had a sweetheart neckline but this time I created a front facing instead of using a bias. This halter is also different. In place of two side ties, I attached one side of the halter to the neckline while creating a buttonhole on the otherside. I skipped the retro belt detail as this is a busier fabric.

Two evenings ago when I was going through my favorite blogs, I saw Sew Mama Sew’s post on their annual May giveaway and decided that I should participate as a ‘giver’ this year. After renaming and shifting my blog, it will be a great opportunity to network and communicate with more crafters out there. I went through my fabric stash yesterday and did some reorganizing (finally!)

These are three fabric (above, a yard or slightly more each) I have chosen. Two of them (Pigs and Apples) are Japanese fabrics. They are lovely but I have no idea what to do with them. So, I will be giving these away together with a handful of buttons. Who will ever have enough of fabric and buttons??? More details on how to win these will be posted 16 May in time for the 17 May giveaway.  I still need some time to think about the mechanics for the contest. Why not mark the date, get to know more crafters and win some goodies? Trust me, there will be a LOT of blogs/ giveaways to go through (I went through part of the list last year) so set aside at least the entire evening for fun:)

Trips for 4

My husband and I love to travel. This passion now continues with two kids (boy almost four and girl one and a half) in tow. My husband posted our travel photos on facebook recently and told me how his colleagues with kids of similar age couldn’t believe how we could travel with kids and still have a good time.

I thought about it and decided that I would document our recent adventures on a blog and hopefully provide some useful tips or even itinerary suggestions to other parents who might wish to travel with kids.   I wondered if I should start a new blog but decided to expand on this blog instead. After all,these are all what I am passionate about. I will be covering the locations below and also update after future trips. Information will be consolidated under the Trips for 4 tab (on the top of the blog).  Give me sometime to post them in between my sewing sessions:) Too many projects, too little time!

Gold Coast  October 2009
Hong Kong SAR December 2009
Kansai/ Fukui Japan April 2010 (with happy fabric shopping:), you can not miss that while in Japan!)

On a separate note, I have moved and consolidated my old blogs into one here on the Sew Convert. I just thought the blog name is, well, so appropriate for me. I’m so sorry for people who have commented but now your comments are missing. I’m not sure what happened but they went missing after I moved the blog address.  Same reason the tabs on top are not linking properly. I’ll work on them, I promise.

I hope to meet more people and make more new friends here on The Sew Convert. So, hi and a warm welcome!

Weekend Toy Bag

I just completed this toy bag for my son. He is always bringing toys (cars, trains, dinosaurs, sharks etc) out and always forgetting them so I told him I will make him a bag for toys. When we went fabric shopping in Osaka, he excitedly chose the quilted Disney’s cars fabric for the flap. I attached a bright yellow bias to the flap, made the rest of the bag out of a red home decor fabric from Ikea and used velcro for attachment. The tutorial which is a dream to follow is from the mmmcrafts blog. This bag can be completed in a couple of hours. Have fun!

Thank God for this toy bag, now my handbag is liberated from toys!

It’s Raining Cats!!! Ribbon Dress

My princess adores cats. Whether it’s hello kitty or the neighborhood cat, they never fail to amuse her or  light up her twinkling eyes. She also can’t stop meowing when she sees them and that always brings a smile to my face.

This Michael Miller Kitten fabric is just ‘purr’fect for a new project and I followed the tutorial for ribbon sundress at Creature of Habit. It is probably one of the easiest dress I have made and I also learnt how to sew the french hem which adds comfort by eliminating any loose thread inside the dress. The tutorial is easy to follow and you can make a dress from size 6 months all the way to 8 years!

Here are more shots of the meow meow kitty kitty ribbon dress. My only adaptation is the use of scraps for the ribbon, simply because I thought it will look more interesting with more vibrant colors.

I believe this ribbon dress is a variation of the pillowcase dress. The pillowcase dress has its history in mothers making dresses out of used or vintage pillowcases for their daughters in an age of frugality. This is also a dress that will evolve into a top when the child grows and can be worn for years to come.


My two and a half-year old boy has been asking for a rocket. I found a lovely tutorial on the Long Thread. I adapted and made him one using felt and cloth stuffed with old towels and tees this morning on my brand new sewing machine! Yes!!! I finally made the commitment to sew on a regular basis and hopefully can continue with it after baby number two arrives (probably sometime this week!).

This is the first toy I’ve sewn for my dear son and I couldn’t help wondering if he would like it. I really hope so and shall find out tonight:) Photos of his reaction here.

I also made another pair of felt booties today and named it Cloud. I experimented with non-slip sole for the first time and upsized it to a 6 to 12 months fit.

Quite an exciting experiment as the sole came out better than expected.


After making a couple of booties, I’ve turned my attention to making a pair of felt boots for newborn. Not bad for a first try I guess:) And, yes, it is completely hand stitched.

It’s the end of my four-day sewing class (8 hours in total) and I’m also utterly proud to present the first dress I’ve sewn for my baby girl. Yes! My first creation on the sewing machine and its an adorable floral dress with ruffle sleeves and pocket!! Guess my baby girl can first wear it as a dress and then a top:) It’s just so cute!!

Front of dress

Sleeve Details
Pocket Details

On second thoughts, I wonder when my baby (now kicking in my tummy) can wear this dress though. On the sewing pattern, it’s for NB but it looks kinda big:P Anyhow, I love making her the dress and think it’s about time I invest in a sewing machine of my own:)


Hubby bought me a Brother BM2600 Sewing Machine. My early Christmas Present!

Felt Hairclip Holder

My creation for today was a felt hair clip holder and it’s just so pretty!I used lace instead of normal ribbon as it holds all kinds of clips better and even included a button on the holder so it can be secured straight in the wardrobe or on any hanger. I even personalised it with felt, hand stitched!

I am just so thrilled with the results. Love felt!