Spotted in my new Parfait and MMJ Updates

Hello everyone! TGIF!

It’s been a tremendously busy week at the Sew Convert’s household as its child care week (no lessons) at my son’s school and my little prince has been enjoying time at home. My hubby has also been on leave since Thursday so it’s great family bonding time again and I am feeling exhausted from chasing after my little monkey.

Friday, 24 June 2011

It’s the first time I’ve worn my blue and white Parasol dress and my girl’s teacher commented how sunny I looked this morning 😛 We visited my parents, shopped at a mall near their place and had fun at a newly opened play system concept store at the airport. It’s called Singkids Play System and my son loved all the balloons and balls in there. It reminded me very much of a similar concept store we visited in Hakata Japan.

Wednesday and Thursday, 22 and 23 June 2011

I have never wore the same dress on two consecutive days but I did it this week. On Wednesday, I wore my new Parfait dress for a photo shoot at the beach while my son built some sand castles he was so proud of, he asked me to take a photo to show daddy. The shoot was for today’s iCandy’s Fun in the sun(dress) series here where I did a review of the sewing pattern. I was never really keen in the Parfait but totally changed my mind after seeing these lovely versions by Debi, Sarah and Mena. I know I will be making more versions of this dress.

I wore it again on Thursday because my hubby commented after seeing my photos that he has never seen the Parfait before.

Coming from Singapore, where so few individuals takes an interest in sewing, I have a really pleasant surprise yesterday. Someone who has read my blog spotted me at Spotlight and it was so surreal that I was in shock for quite sometime LOL. Usually, bloggers get spotted wearing garments they have showcased on their blog. For me, it was a dress I have just completed and showing here for the first time:)

The dress went shopping with us all along Orchard Road, caught Kungfu Panda 2 followed by a stroll along Emerald Hill. It was a fun-filled day!

We were overfed at a Korean buffet BBQ lunch!

At the cinema, I couldn’t resist a photo with my son’s hero Optimus Prime.
And some playground fun at Emerald Hill. I showed my boy how to cross a see saw.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I visited the doctor, had lunch and shopped at Paragon in my Never say never dress. Here’s a photo of my son and I goofing around.

Phew! What a week and I still have a UFO to complete!

Have a happy weekend my sewing comrades!


MMJ Days 16 to 20 and the “nursing to nautical” jersey dress

Hello my sewing comrades! I’m happy to be healed! Hubby and I caught the stomach flu from our little girl and boy was I in a terrible state the last couple of days.

I also wanted to thank all of you for the encouraging comments you have left me and those who have emailed me (thank you and sorry if I have not replied via email) during my blogging block phase. Thank you for your sweet words, I appreciate them tremendously!  I hope I’ll get all my energy back soon and it certainly helps that there are a few young men downstairs playing soothing music on their guitars when preparing for a barbecue this very moment. Yes, school’s out and fun’s in!

Made Me June 2011

Day 16. Thursday.

I wore my Giddy with Polka Dots Dress for the first time this month. Yes, I have been holding back as I wanted to give other garments a chance but after finishing my nautical inspired jersey dress this week, I just felt an immense need to put on the polka dotted version. I am so into red, blue and whites at the moment!

Day 17. Friday.

My 5-year old plays photographer for this shot in his school compound (hence the low angle!). I wore the Love Batik Tunic with the explorer shorts here so I could play with my kids at the playground.

There they are 🙂

Day 18. Saturday

I wore my Sew Weekly creation for this week. The “Nursing to Nautical” Jersey dress. It’s a refashion themed week and you can read more about how I converted my old nursing clothes to this nautical inspired piece here. I basically converted this old navy blue nursing dress

to this nautical inspired number and all in an hour 😛

The photos for my TSW post were taken in the morning in the East and the ones here were snapped in the afternoon along the promenade at Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resorts and Casino. In the background is the CBD.

Love the shadows left by the sunshade design element at the Marina Bay SandsAnd I couldn’t resist showing you my kids giving each other a lovey dovey sibling hug at the resort. My fave photo of the day.

But, that doesn’t mean I only spent an hour sewing last week cos I’ll be contributing to icandy handmade’s Fun in a Sun(dress) series this Friday! Yes, a sundress, another outfit for my end July vacation to the Great Barrier Reef! Yay!

Have a fun and blessed week everyone!

MMJ Days 5 to 15 and the “stables charm” peplum dress

Made Me June 2011

I am feeling a sense of fatigue, not so much for sewing and creating but for blogging and photo-taking. Which is probably why I have not been documenting MMJ as well as I should. I am quite disappointed with my sense of commitment. Besides blaming the rain for days which I was unable to photograph outdoors (perhaps choosing the three items of flowers, water and playground wasn’t such a good idea after all), I also realized the logistic issues of bringing out my new camera and tripod while trying to carry the load of my kids’ school bags. So, these were the only photos I have taken for Days 5 to 15 and they were all taken with an automatic camera which was easier to bring around.

Day 6: Merry go round jumpsuit

Day 8: Ruffles Ruby shorts and Cape Tara Blouse

I was sad that I wasn’t able to take photos of my garments for quite a number of days and decided to just snap this one in the house. I’ll just do that from now if I am not able to snap any outdoor shots but it will be a last resort. I always thought that white wasn’t the most flattering color but am really taking a liking for white outfits. They just look really clean.Day 9: Red Denim Ruby and Floral Blouse i

Day 11: NATO Pendrell and Bella Jeans

My first time wearing this combination out. Besides shopping at Takashimaya and Ion on Orchard Road, I also attended a farewell dinner for my friend who will be relocating to Tokyo end of this month.Day 15: Rainbow Blouse and bella shorts

My first time wearing the rainbow blouse (besides the photo shoot day) and gosh it is so comfy. Chiffon just feels amazing! I love the colors and the braided waist tie too:)

The Sew Weekly Challenge

Off course I still put in the extra effort to snap new project photos with my Canon camera. This week for TSW, we are all making black and white dresses for the royal ascot race. My TSW post can be found here.

The Sewing pattern

I used a modern pattern this week, Simplicity  2282. This is my second non vintage Simplicity pattern and I strongly recommend it to a beginner. It is very easy and the instructions absolutely detailed. You can even try out your designer skills by mixing and matching the pieces.

The Gallery

I must say that after half a year of doing the sew weekly challenge and taking photos with my tripod, I have changed from being self-conscious of people’s staring at me to being rather oblivious to their existence. I guess I have grown in that sense.

I used the reverse side of the fabric to sew this dress simply because I liked it more and it’s the first time I’ve done this. White piping was used on the front bodice princess seams and white bias tape around the peplum to make it pop out more.

This week, my outdoor shoot was at a stables providing riding opportunities for kids at the Pasir Ris Park. I’ve brought my son there once and he absolutely enjoyed it and when my girl saw the photos, she asked if she could go feed the horses so we are definitely going back there 🙂 The horse wasn’t very cooperative at the shoot. It is so true that working with animals are the most difficult. At first it didn’t want to eat and when it did, it was so ticklish and wet, I ended up laughing away. It was rather hilarious and I enjoyed the shoot using the remote control.  

When I was attending riding school in my early 20s, I was told by my instructor that you can tell the horses’ mood by observing their ears. If the pointed ears are facing the front, the horse is happy and if they face the back, annoyed so I guess this horse is feeling a little happy to be my co-model for this shoot afterall.
I don’t usually wear black and white with the exception of my Reflection of the Moon Frock, but I am liking this dress quite a lot and will definitely be wearing it often. My fly and chill dress  (black and white) and as you like it dress (black) have yet to be worn unfortunately. I might have to refashion them a little some day to make them work for me. Meanwhile, I just hope I get out of this blogging/ photo-taking fatigue phase.

Have a great week everyone!

MMJ Days 4 to 5 and my pillowcase bathing suit!

Made Me June

It has been cloudy and rainy for the past few days with even some flooding at various places on Sunday. Trying to get water, flowers or playgrounds in my MMJ photos was harder than I had imagined so I just had to get more creative with it.

day 4. saturday. rainy. 23 to 32 degrees celsius

Puddles of water after the rain LOL. Hope that’s acceptable 🙂

Outfit: Reflection of the moon frock

Hours worn: 6 hours

Places visited: Toa Payoh Entertainment Hub

Main activities: Lunch with my parents

Number of times I have worn the outfit: More than 5 times

Wear Again: Absolutely! Love this dress:)

day 5. sunday. rainy. 23 to 31 degrees celsius

Indoor kiddy rides- hope that passes as playground 😛

Outfit: 50s Inspired Sabrina dress (without cape)

Hours worn: 7 hours

Places visited: Changi Airport, Vivocity

Main activities: Shopping and family time

Number of times I have worn the outfit: It was my first time wearing the dress out. I remembered it was a challenge taking it off and as a result I didn’t wear it again until MMJ. I was also a little concerned if people were gonna recognize this as an ikea home decor fabric but I guess the print is pretty common. I also realized that I have lost some weight since last year as the dress wasn’t as fitting around the waist as before.

Wear Again: Maybe as I really do have to put in effort when taking it off and that’s not something I enjoy doing.

The Sew Weekly

This week at The Sew Weekly, we are making a garment from a single or pair of pillowcases. It was really tough finding cheap pillowcases in Singapore (no fabrics, tablecloths or pillowcase at the thrift shop, yikes!) and you can read more about my pillowcase shopping attempts on my TSW post this week.

When I finally found these pillowcases on sale at spotlight, I grabbed them thinking they are perfect for a mod dress. I love the purple/ black and white print!

These are European pillowcases so they are not longer but wider, squarish in shape. The texture was stiff and reminded me of my son’s swim shorts. So, eventually I decided to make a vintage bathing suit out of it and some swimwear lining I have in my stash.

The Gallery

I tried to match the print the best that I could but didn’t have enough fabric to match the lower band of the top which was quite a bummer. For contrast and to make the garment more interesting, I used some red bias tape and buttons on the top.

The top photos were taken by with my new canon camera but I realized I couldn’t use that camera for my bathroom shots (Or rather I’m still unsure about the settings to use in that environment). They all turned out too dark so for those close up shots, so I used my automatic camera.

A scallop bias (which works like piping) was used between the bra cup piece and the lower band to make it more interesting and I also used a plastic zipper with lace like edge for the shorts.The patterns

I used Simplicity 3250 for the bra top and Simplicity 1124 for the shorts. As I have used the shorts pattern before, I knew it didn’t require much fabric and was high-waisted enough to cover my stretch marks. My only modification was to shorten it by not cutting the hem band and replacing the grosgrain ribbon (waist facing) for the waist with red bias tape. It’s real quick and easy to sew!

The bra top pattern turned out to be really easy to sew as well and instructions were very clear. I love the shaping formed by the pleats in the middle and gathers at the side of the top.

I am gonna be making full use of this at the pool on weekends for sure! Absolutely loving the 1950s vibe of the bathing suit!

Have a blessed week my sewing comrade! Next week, we will be sewing a black and white garment for the ascot races (Yes, inspired by My Fair Lady’s ascot scene!), do join us for the challenge!

MMJ Days 2 to 3 and the “blue and white parasol” dress

Made Me June 

I’m sorry today’s post is late. I’d been busy these couple of days preparing for my boy’s fifth birthday celebration at his school and we had so much fun this afternoon with fifteen five-year olds:)

I was so preoccupied with shopping for the birthday goody bags yesterday that I only found time to snap this shot last evening. It was rather cloudy by then.

day 2. thursday. sunny with a light drizzle. 24 to 32 degrees celsius

Outfit: The Explorer Outfit

Hours worn: 10 hours

Places visited: Kids’ schools, Spotlight, Daiso, Carrefour and Tea Cosy at Plaza Singapura.

Main activities: Shopping for and packing my son’s birthday goody bags

Number of times I have worn the outfit: I’ve lost count! Too many times 🙂

Wear Again: Absolutely! Comfy and weather perfect! I am convinced I need another of this outfit.

day 3. friday. sunny. 24 to 33 degrees celsius

Dress: Festivity Macaron.  I am happy that I wore this bright and cheery dress to celebrate my boy’s birthday.

Even though he readily eats corns, long beans and carrots, my son detests leafy vegetables and has been telling us that he would start eating them when he turns five. I’m very skeptical that it will materialize but let’s wait and see. If you have any tips on getting kids to love vegetables, please let me know 🙂

My son is a transformer fan. He is turning into a little collector of these toys and spends quite a bit of time honing his logic skills with his attempts to transform them from vehicle to robot and back. So, it wasn’t surprising that he asked for either an Optimus Prime or Bumblebee cake. I found a home bakery that created this amazing 3D Optimus Prime cake which all the boys loved! My boy couldn’t take his eyes off the cake. It turned out to be soft and yummy and not too sweet, which was great!

Hours worn: 6 hours

Places visited: Kids’ schools

Main activities: Singing the birthday tune with fourteen other kids!

Number of times I have worn the dress: 3
Wear Again: Yes. I adore the dress and love the colors but strangely I don’t wear it enough. I think it’s a little too loud for daily wear and can be too bright and overwhelming at times. The cut and fit are absolutely comfortable.  I have been thinking of another version of this dress for a long time but is waiting for the right fabric combination to appear in my life.
The Sew Weekly Challenge

This week for The Sew Weekly Challenge, we attempt to sew the perfect summer dress. My TSW post can be found here.

The Pattern Review

I used a mail order pattern 3257 from the Kansas City Star. My first mail order pattern and it was postage dated in 1958. I love that I can see history through my love for sewing.

The pattern pieces though unprinted are sound but I was somewhat disappointed with the mock pockets and the lack of instructions. I was quite sad that even the buttons at the back of the dress were embellishments so instead of following the original side zipper, I moved the zipper to the back and drafted a placket for the buttons. I also used pocket pattern pieces from another pattern to create real usable pockets for my version.

To ensure that stripes matched as best as I could, I cut each pattern pieces individually and placed them next to each other before cutting to ensure stripes matched. I had to take in the sides of the bodice quite a bit. To get the stripes to still match while taking in the seams, I hand baste the seams while checking that the stripes matched before machine stitching. A little tedious but pretty effective.

The Gallery

I am so loving this dress and will definitely be wearing it out again soon!

I’m still working out my pillowcase project for next week’s challenge (There’s so much to unpick before sewing even began hahaha) and if you have extra pillow cases in your storeroom, why not take them out and join us for this challenge?

Blessed weekend everyone!

Here comes Made Me June!

Hello everyone! Thank you for all your sweet emails and comments for my eventful week post. I appreciate them so much! Everything is back to normal now, everyone has been healed and I’m in a really good mood today. It’s the start of Made Me June and this month, I’m gonna be dressed in a made-me outfit everyday, whether it is a dress or a top/ bottom combination. And my aim is to NOT wear the items in my “go to” list immediately but have a mix of old and new, a mix of favorites and those I have worn five times or less.

My hubby is an avid reader of my blog (He’s probably the only man lurking around here 😛 ) and he has been talking about getting a new camera for better quality pictures. So after months of research, he has acquired a new Canon camera and I’ve been playing around with the new toy. What delight it is to be able to capture clear, focused images without the annoying pixelated effect. It even comes with a remote control so I can press on a button, get myself in focus and snap away. Ingenious!

Obviously I am still not very good with it. To ensure that I get more practice out of this more advance machine compared to the automatic cameras I’ve been using, I will be attempting something new with Made Me June.  I hope to snap each day’s outfit with either one of these random things in the background: flowers, water or playground. Why such randomness?  I’ll be more motivated to go outdoors to hone my ‘self-portrait’ photography skill with these easy enough to find items. So, no white walls this time round!

In terms of posts, I intend to update daily or every two days. Having done weekly updates for March, I found that I would have forgotten many details by the end of the week and I have an innate tendency to procrastinate. However, I did enjoy the format used for my updates so I’m sticking with that. In addition, I hope to showcase a pick of the week- my fave outfit from the MMJ Flickr Group at the end of each week-probably something I feel very much inspire to sew for myself 🙂 Every Friday, some of the participants will also attempt taking a photo of themselves doing the same action, so I might just join in for the fun of it! How exciting!

made me june. day 1. wednesday. sunny. 24 to 32 degrees celsius

I just compared this dress’ photo with the initial post and noticed that the purple floral on the fabric hardly showed on the photo taken with the automatic camera. It’s much more obvious here!

Dress: That 70s Frilly Dress. Instead of the self fabric belt, I wore it with a scarf tie belt today. My favorite things about the dress are the stretch lace yoke, small bell sleeves and the voile fabric that makes it oh so comfy to wear in this weather!

Hours worn: 8 to 9 hours

Places visited: Kids’ schools, Bengawan solo cake shop at Changi airport Terminal 3.

Main activities: Blogging, surfing and unpicking a pillowcase.

Number of times I have worn the dress: 3

Wear Again: Yes, it’s easy to wear and despite my doubts, the short length didn’t really bother me much. So I guess, it doesn’t need to be re-fashioned after all. In the afternoon, I switched the scarf for a silver grosgrain ribbon as waist tie and loved that version even more!
Hope you are having a great week too. And if you have also participating in Made Me June, I can’t wait to see your photos!