Made Kids

My Kids, my inspiration….

Below are the stuff I’ve handmade for them. Click on the photos to read the relevant blogs.

Sibling Outfits

Reversible Dresses

Other Dresses

No not Barney:)


Playsuit/ Jumpsuit


Onesie Dress

Bag/ Toy


7 thoughts on “Made Kids

  1. Loving all of your creations….just starting to dable in some more sewing. Someone suggested Sew Mama Sew and I found your blog. Great work!

  2. Hi,
    I was browsing for help to make a dress for my 14 mth. I Love your baby dresses. Are you able to teach me? I have the pattern and fabric from spotlight. Please contact me. Thanks!

  3. beautiful creations! wow sewing takes determination, been wanting to do it but lacks that…inspiring definitely!!!! i’m into upholstery so always looking out for new fabrics. i imagine if one day we could all organize a huge fabric swap meet on your website, or a real meet up! i think a lot of your fans will turn up : ) we could all be exchanging scraps!!!

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