Sewing Through the Decades Challenge

I’ve committed myself to sew two garments each from 1930s to 1970s for the Sewing Through the Decades Challenge in 2011. That’s 10 garments from sewing patterns of the past  and these are the outfits I’ve made for this challenge. Target met. Woo Hoo!


The Abandoned Hangar dress

Sewn on borrowed time dress


40s sweetheart dress

Jason Wu Bow Dress


Hike & seek. The Explorer Outfit

Sunbathing in pillowcases


Fly & Chill Dress

The Darling Stash Peter Pan Collar Blouse


That 70s Frilly Dress

The Keyhole Mod Mini


2 thoughts on “Sewing Through the Decades Challenge

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  2. It’s a fantastic sewing accomplishment. You are so good at it! I can’t sew to save myself. Was looking for loose Japanese style dresses after seeing some pattern books at Kinokuniya last week. It’s a lovely blog.

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