The Sew Weekly Challenge

With Mena, Veronica, Debi and Sarah, I was a contributor of The Sew Weekly Challenge in 2011 and together, we sewed a garment a week based on the weekly theme for the entire year. Here are the outfits I made and the themes for 2011.

Week 50: Celebrations!

Braving It Out Dress

Week 49: Anything Goes

The mistaken identity outfit

Week 48: Self Drafted Pattern

Half way there muslin tee

Week 47: Purple

With or without bow birthday dress

Week 46: Home Sweet Home

The Darling Stash Peter Pan Collar Blouse

Week 45: Go Again

The Fabric has spoken dress

Week 44: Make it Your Own

The Mod Oriental dress

Week 43: All Pinned Up

The Much Needed Curves Kitty Dress

Week 42: The Color Orange

Orange tab dress

Week 41: Halloween

One eye thick lips monster

Week 40: Lounging Around

Rusty Bed Jacket & Slacks

Week 39: Musicals

Gone Tribal FELA dress

Week 38: Spanish Harlem

Shall we dance outfit

Week 37: Think Pink

Oops! Did I wear it the wrong way?" blouse

Week 36: Autumn Palette

Gather & Go Dress

Week 35: Gatsby

Sewn on borrowed time dress

Week 34: To Dye For

The out to sea skirt

Week 33: Mad for Plaid

Waiting for the bell outfit

Week 32: That 70s Sew

The Keyhole Mod Mini

Week 31: Very Important Pieces

The dreamscape wrap dress

Week 30: Peer Review

The Woolloomooloo wharf dress

Week 27: Hitchcock

Fighting back red lace dress

Week 26: Cover Me

Candy Stripes and Scallop skirt

Week 25: American Apparel

The Jason Wu 吳季剛 Bow Dress

Week 24: The Return of the UFOs

Separates are more fun outfit

Week 23: Refashionista

The Nursing turned Nautical jersey dress

Week 22: At the Races

The Stables Charm Peplum dress

Week 21: Pillow Talk

Sunbathing in pillowcases

Week 20: The Perfect Summer Dress

The Blue & White Parasol Dress

Week 19: Embellish this

Better late than never dress

Week 18: Rule Britannia

The Au Revoir dress

Week 17: Mom

The Mystery Solved Dress

Week 16: Once Upon a Time

The "rainbow fish" outfit (Y)

Week 15: Hat Trick

A new lease of life Easter dress (Y)

Week 14: What’s on Television

The Hallyu Dress (Y)

Week 13: Kidding Around

That 70s Frilly Dress (Y)

Week 12: Kiss the cook

As you like it apron and dress

Week 11: UFOs (Unfinished Objects)

Hike & seek. The Explorer Outfit (Y)

Week 10: Don’t Judge a pattern by its envelope cover

Plain Sailing dress (Y)

Week 9: Go Green (St Patrick’s Day)

A letter to St Patrick Dress (Y)

Week 8: Inspiration from a local structure/ building

Fly & Chill Dress (Y)

Week 7: Oscar Best Costume Inspiration

The abandoned hangar dress (Y)

Week 6: Valentines’ Day

40s sweetheart dress

Week 5: Stash busting

The Glossy jumpsuit

Week 4: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Giddy with Polka Dots Dress (Y)

Week 3: Something floral, something blue

The "Blue Garden" Frock (Y)

Week 2: Movie-Unrequited Love

In the Mood for Love Cheongsam (Y)

Week 1: Coco Chanel

Mademoiselle Dress (Y)


19 thoughts on “The Sew Weekly Challenge

  1. These are all wonderful, but I especially love the 40’s sweetheart dress. That fabric is wonderful and the colors are great for you. Did you use a pattern?

  2. Hi Rebecca! Thank you and yes, I did use a vintage pattern for the 40s sweetheart dress. If you click on the photo, it takes you to the specific blog post where I always mention the pattern used.

  3. Hi, I just came across your blog and am fascinated by the number of dresses you had made since…
    Just wanted to find out where you got your fabrics from … and also how did you learn to sew so well ? I want to sign up for a fashion design / dressmaking short course but am not sure where and how. I am a klutz at sewing!

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  5. So hard to choose, but I think my favourite is the Jason Wu Bow Dress. The 40s Sweetheart dress and The Gather & Go dress are the runners up for me. I have vintage pattern envy now so I am starting my own collections after being inspired by your wonderful outfits. In fact, I am seriously becoming addicted to sewing, I just wish there was a greater selection of fabrics here in Australia.

  6. I think my favorite is week #35, the Gatsby dress. I also really like the Rainbow Fish top. They are all wonderful. I’ve always liked seeing what shoes you pair with each outfit and seeing them altogether is fantastic! What a collection and I’m not a shoe person!

  7. Hi, Adey! I have really enjoying following your TSW challenges, and I can only narrow my favourites down to three: the rainbow fish blouse, lounging around (LOVE those colours) and the musicals dress. I just can’t choose between the three!

  8. I’m having a hard time choosing. I like #6 the valentines day dress. But I also like # 30 the wooloomooloo because of the pattern, such a classic. And I like # 31 the dreamscape because I really like the fabric. I guess I have to go with the valentines day dress because I like both the fabric and the pattern really well. I really enjoyed looking at the whole list. They’re all really nice. Congratulations.

  9. A lot of beautiful dresses, but my fave is “Lounging Around.” Beautiful fabrics, and the shirt is just right! I also ❤ the "Mom" dress.

  10. You’ve done so many wonderful outfits, but I’m sticking with the Hallyu dress, which marks the time I started following your blog. A close second, for me, was the Separates Are More Fun, because I love separates. Keep up the awesome inspiration!

  11. It is so hard to pick a favourite because I love your combinations of fabric and pattern so often…. my faves are Fly and Chill (awesome!), Valentine’s Day, Au Revoir (this fabric is dee-vine!), Jason Wu bow dress but…. the dress that started it all for me was the Dreamscape Wrap Dress!!!

    I always look forward to seeing what you make!

  12. How can I even pick out a favorite, when so many of your garments have stayed in my head for so long. You really make beautiful things often very close to my own style. Here are some of my favorites: 1,3,4,6,7,14,20,25,36. And if you forced me to pick one, I might say #7. Thanks for a great giveaway – I love border prints.

  13. Wow…I seriously can not choose between week 7 and 16…but I think that week 16 might be edgin out the competition. It is the reason that I have your blog book marked…and I always want to see yours on the weekly challenges. 🙂

  14. My favourite garments are the ‘autumn palette’ dress (which inspired me to try that pattern), the ‘valentine’ dress and the ‘oscar’ dress. I will miss your contributions on TSW.

  15. Best of all I love 35 the Gatsby black dress. Perhaps it’s my favourite because I love black. But I think it is more than that. You look so comfortable in it, the pattern is absoluely terrific and the fabric is soo beautiful.

    Many people who sew still go out and buy dresses for fancier occasions. BUt I love that you made this more dressed up outfit instead of buying. Therefore I also love your red lace dress. It is really a classic fabric and cut is very you.

    At a more casual level I love the pillow talk playsuit. It’s not the typeof outfit that one sees lots of and it would be hard to just buy one. YOu have hit the nail onthe head as they say with this.

  16. Addy,
    I love everything you have sewed. This has really been a fun year. I know ,it had to be really stressful to try and make something EVERY But you have done a fantastic job.
    I guess I will choose the Giddy about polka dot dress.It looks fantastic on you.. and I love the colors. I also loved the nautical skirt you did with the red top. So cute..
    Will you continue in the year of 2012 and sew a garment a week ?? Happy sewing and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  17. my fav is definitely the Wooloomooloo Wharf dress. love the lines of the dress and the colour is amazing!! plus, we used to live round the corner fron there!! Great Job, Adey!!

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