Thank you for visiting my Made Me-Dresses Page. Kindly click on the dresses to read the detailed blog entry. I hope you enjoy my creations and I’ll love to hear from you!

Likewise, a (Y) at a dress indicates that Yes! It has been worn out of the house!

A (YY) means it has been worn on a regular basis!


Never say never dress


Pool Party Dress (Y)

Ebony Kaftan (Y)

The blues resort dress

Reflection of the Moon Frock (YY)

A Sunny Day Dress (YY)

Time Travel Frock


Echino Grassy Plain Dress (Y)



Safari Dress

50s Inspired Sabrina Cape Dress

Festivity Macaron Dress (Y)

Picnic Macaron Dress (Y)

Painter's Block Melissa Dress (Y)

Retro Hot Pink Dress

Hummingbird Dress (YY)

Scallop hem mini dress (Y)

Tablecloth Tunic Dress (YY)






4 thoughts on “Dresses

  1. Hello Kam, It’s great to meet another person who sews here! I don’t have a serger so I normally do either french seams, zigzag stitches or use pinking shears for the seams 🙂

  2. Your Echino, Sunny Day dress and Hummingbird dresses are gorgeous!! They’re all beautiful but I particularly love these! Are you able to tell me which patterns they are? I’ve just discovered your blog via your comment on Lladybird. Shall be keeping a close eye now on your lovely work. Where are you based? Kate x

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