Thank you for visiting my Made Me-Tops page. Please click on the respective images to read the detailed blog entry. I hope you like what you see and I love to hear from you!

A (Y) at a blouse indicates that Yes! It has been worn out of the house!

A (YY) means it has been worn on a regular basis! LOL!


Love Batik Tunic (Y)


Ivory Kaftan blouse

Lady Grey

Ahoy! Cape Vest (Y)

Mystery Cardigan (Y)




Black Esther with leopard trim (Y)



Nani Iro Tunic (Y)


A Day in Paris Cami (Y)


Goldilocks Bow Blouse (YY)



Floral Blouse (Y)




Flashdance Knit Top (Y)



hoot hoot blouse (Y)



Cape Tara (YYY)



Peekaboo Sleeve Tara (YY)



Bambi Tara (Y)



Cloud 9 Plaid Blouse (Y)



Little Folks Blouse (YY)



Tara Plaid Blouse (Y)



Ruffle Blouse (Y)





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