Esther William Swimsuit & Tribal Kaftan

I have been waiting patiently and it’s finally here! My very own Esther William swimsuit!  Without knowing who Esther William was, I have been eyeing her stunning swimwear on ModCloth for months. Then, I read Casey’s post and checked out Esther William’s online store. There was a sale going on! How could I resist a discounted 1-Piece Classic Sheath I have been drooling over and at a more affordable international shipping rate? All the positive reviews I read on ModCloth really did it for me. Furthermore, I knew I needed a regular fitness regime since I last exercised on a regular basis a decade ago and swimming sounded good to me at that moment.  I chose the black fabric with white polka dots as it looked so adorable and retro. I ordered a size 8 and as per many reviews I have read, the fit is very flattering and it has to be my favorite piece of swimwear ever!

If weather permits this weekend, I will try to snap some photos with my family at the pool. That should be fun!

I decided that since I would be swimming on a more regular basis, I needed  to sew a pool kaftan which will take me from my apartment to the pool and back.  I didn’t have a kaftan pattern and didn’t want to buy one as I thought it should be relatively simple to sew.  I decided to  go with the tribal trend. Here’s my tribal kaftan which I think have the potential to be wore out as well, either on its own or with skinny jeans.

I cut two rectangular squares out of the tribal fabric, created a V neck out from the front piece, drafted an external facing for the v-neck using a black scrap fabric and sewed a gold piping onto the facing.  I loved the idea of longer sides so this kaftan ended up with that as well.

This Kaftan is so really easy to sew, it only took me half a day! And because some basic body measurements are taken, it will fit all sizes, even kids. I intend to make a light weight version for visiting the pool and another with a sash for going out.  If there is enough interest, I will post a tutorial for the Kaftan when I sew the next one. I have to look through the stash first.  And if I can’t find suitable fabric to go with my retro swimsuit, it will be a priority when I go on holiday in October.  I am so excited, I can’t wait to tell you more about my next theme!  This project will probably take me to the end of September now that I am going to start swimming. I’m still busy researching and matching my stash to patterns. I found it pretty challenging as it is not easy matching my existing stash and the fabric requirement of this new theme…will tell you more about it tomorrow. Happy Monday!