Sunday Etsy Faves: Vintage (Inspired) Accessories

Hair clips, rings, earrings, necklaces and bags are just a few of my favorite things. Maybe they are yours too. I love them even more when they have a certain look. A vintage inspired look.

The Great Singapore Sale just started last week and while browsing through etsy today, I was curious what crafters from Singapore were selling and off course I wondered if they were participating in the Great Singapore Sale. While I didn’t see any sale in their shops, I’m glad to have checked them out.  Otherwise, I would not have chanced upon these lovely creations. All vintage inspired and all from Singapore based talents!

The Mushroombrella Wristclutch by LittleOddForest

Lucky Pink Owl Necklace by PrincipessaTwinz

Spring Awakens by Marolsha

Royal Purple Nagorie by theMIX

Almond & Ice Flower Headband/Hair clip by forestflame

Tangerine mist set by beadpod8

Yellow roses earrings by ChiliCrab

Dreams by FleurAvenue

Always in your heart by shopjmp

This could be my longest Etsy Faves list yet!

Strangely, I can imagine myself wearing the Spring Awakens necklace with the Dreams ring OR the Lucky Pink Owl Necklace, the Almond & Ice Flower hair clip and Always in your heart bracelet OR the Tangerine mist set with the Mushroombrella Wristclutch…