Made Me Club Med

My husband and I have heard rave reviews from friends and colleagues of a Club Med holiday and decided to try one for the first time this December. Our motivations:  The kids were finally at the right age to enjoy its activities and there was a special promotion for club destinations near us (Bintan Indonesia, Cherating Malaysia, Bali Indonesia and Phuket Thailand)! After an oh too brief deliberation, we booked ourselves a family getaway for 4 days and nights at Club Med Phuket. And yes, I took the opportunity to wear at least one Made-me item a day as I realized how much I have enjoyed doing that:) So, besides wearing my brand new Love Batik tunic on the flight back on Day 4, here’s a little info on our activities during the trip and documentation of the other Made-me items I wore.

Day 1:

We were blessed with fine sunny weather as it was raining daily in Phuket just before our arrival. I wore my Cape Tara, which was perfect for the climate.

After a big buffet breakfast with the family, we sent the kids to their respective clubs. My lil prince joined the mini club for kids 4 to 7 and had fun visiting the beach, swimming and experiencing circus school while the lil princess attended the Petite Club and did some coloring, swimming, napping and playground activities. During club hours, they were fully supervised by the very qualified guests officers of Club Med.

Hubby and I happily took the opportunity to enjoy a swedish massage at the spa, followed by a stroll through the streets and shops near the resort  before returning to Club Med for a sumptuous lunch buffet. Then came glass after glass of a mocktail called Fresh Phuket (A mix of crushed lime, brown sugar, soda and grenadine syrup) at the bar.

From these shots taken by the resort’s photographer, we could see the kids at play:)

In the evening, we joined them for a special family event, a picnic session followed by the creation of tie dye t-shirts together!

I helped my son tie rubber bands tightly at various places on a white tee and he chose the colors he wanted for each section and here’s how it turned out. He was very proud of his creation:)

I thoroughly enjoyed the session and told my lil prince we could try making more of these when we got home:)

The good thing about a Club Med holiday is that all accommodation, transport, food and beverages (except XO, cognac) are included in the package. There were also entertainment and performances every night but we skipped the night events as our kids slept around 7.30pm Phuket time (8.30pm at home). As the dinner buffet starts only at 7.15pm, we had to ensure we took our dinner during the ala carte snacking session before 6pm. That might be one down side for parents with young children especially the early sleepers.

Day 2:

While the kids were back at their clubs, hubby and I went for another round of pampering at the spa and visited the beach. We wanted to check out the place before bringing the kids there the next day as we had planned it as family day. It was a cloudy and windy day so I felt myself drawn to my black knit hooded tee paired with the black & white Bella shorts. The sand was smooth and clean, the beach was rather tranquil. There were people sunbathing, parasailing and building sand castles but it was hardly noisy. In fact, I found it a rather laid back beach compared to other beaches we have visited in Phuket and Bali. Without the many locals touting services and produce, this was a much more friendly beach for families.

After the buffet lunch with white wine and more mocktails at the bar, we visited a tiny tailor shop in Club Med as I have noticed his fabrics while walking passed the previous day. The fabric addict in me couldn’t resist buying this Thai made silk/cotton blend fabric from the owner at a discount:) It is lightweight, slightly sheer and very silky. I didn’t think I would be buying any fabric on this trip so this was totally a surprise buy.

After bringing the precious fabric back to the room, hubby and I decided to spend sometime sunbathing by the pool.
And my Ebony Kaftan was put to good use:)

By mid afternoon, we were starting to miss the kids tremendously. Let’s just say, family day started earlier than expected!

Day 3:

It was family day but we had no choice but to take an extremely long breakfast with the kids as it started to rain. Thank God HBO was showing ‘Cloudy with a chance of Meatball’ which kept the kids entertained till it was sunny again. I spent a long time in my swimsuit today, but when I wasn’t in it, I wore my Peekaboo Sleeve Tara and Black & White Bella shorts.

We had fun building sun castles at the beach.

and even more splashing fun at the pool!

I can’t say for the rest of the Club Med destinations but Club Med Phuket is good for:

-Couples with babies or children in need of some quality couple and family time

-People who enjoy social activities, simple yet fun sports such as pool volleyball, basic golf, archery.

-People who enjoy relaxing and a good buffet spread and hence, don’t mind gaining some weight. LOL.

-Fast and efficient check in and out

-Performances and entertainment

My husband is still on leave so I won’t be sewing till after Christmas.  Meanwhile, I’m hoping to visit ‘Valentino, Retrospective: Past/Present/Future’ exhibition at Resorts World in Singapore. The event is developed by the Parisian institute Les Arts Décoratifs and showcases one hundred exquisite haute couture pieces from the renowned Italian Maison. Can’t wait!