Spotted in my new Parfait and MMJ Updates

Hello everyone! TGIF!

It’s been a tremendously busy week at the Sew Convert’s household as its child care week (no lessons) at my son’s school and my little prince has been enjoying time at home. My hubby has also been on leave since Thursday so it’s great family bonding time again and I am feeling exhausted from chasing after my little monkey.

Friday, 24 June 2011

It’s the first time I’ve worn my blue and white Parasol dress and my girl’s teacher commented how sunny I looked this morning 😛 We visited my parents, shopped at a mall near their place and had fun at a newly opened play system concept store at the airport. It’s called Singkids Play System and my son loved all the balloons and balls in there. It reminded me very much of a similar concept store we visited in Hakata Japan.

Wednesday and Thursday, 22 and 23 June 2011

I have never wore the same dress on two consecutive days but I did it this week. On Wednesday, I wore my new Parfait dress for a photo shoot at the beach while my son built some sand castles he was so proud of, he asked me to take a photo to show daddy. The shoot was for today’s iCandy’s Fun in the sun(dress) series here where I did a review of the sewing pattern. I was never really keen in the Parfait but totally changed my mind after seeing these lovely versions by Debi, Sarah and Mena. I know I will be making more versions of this dress.

I wore it again on Thursday because my hubby commented after seeing my photos that he has never seen the Parfait before.

Coming from Singapore, where so few individuals takes an interest in sewing, I have a really pleasant surprise yesterday. Someone who has read my blog spotted me at Spotlight and it was so surreal that I was in shock for quite sometime LOL. Usually, bloggers get spotted wearing garments they have showcased on their blog. For me, it was a dress I have just completed and showing here for the first time:)

The dress went shopping with us all along Orchard Road, caught Kungfu Panda 2 followed by a stroll along Emerald Hill. It was a fun-filled day!

We were overfed at a Korean buffet BBQ lunch!

At the cinema, I couldn’t resist a photo with my son’s hero Optimus Prime.
And some playground fun at Emerald Hill. I showed my boy how to cross a see saw.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I visited the doctor, had lunch and shopped at Paragon in my Never say never dress. Here’s a photo of my son and I goofing around.

Phew! What a week and I still have a UFO to complete!

Have a happy weekend my sewing comrades!