Sewing Plans Updates

You may notice that there are some new buttons on my blog. Yes, I’m participating in Made Me March 2011, the Craft Book Challenge and Sewing Through the Decades. Whenever I can, I will definitely try my best to fit these into TSW themes.

Made Me March 2011

Wow, how time flies! Self-Stitched September was more than four months ago and how that has changed my life! I’m in self stitched outfits every weekend, I am wearing dresses very frequently, I wore at least one self stitched garment a day throughout my Shanghai and Phuket vacations, for the lunar new year period and am looking at incorporating these pieces I’ve made into my weekdays wardrobe while playing chauffeur to my lil prince and princess. Here’s  my Made-Me March 2011 commitment:

I, Adey, The Sew Convert, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-March ’11. I endeavour to wear
at least one handmade piece of clothing each day for the duration of March 2011′

I still don’t feel absolutely ready to commit to entire outfits daily yet. Hopefully, I’ll be ready by SSS 2011.

I am seriously lagging behind the Pendrell sewalong! I’ve only just settled on the fabrics, both knits. The red pear knit is the muslin fabric I will be using and which I am hoping will become a wearable one. Hopefully, these will become my wardrobe staples this March and beyond 🙂

Pendrell blouses in Red pears and leopard print knits

Sewing through the Decades

This is a fantastic initiative to create garments from patterns through the decades. My target is to sew two outfits per decade from 1930s-1970s. I’ve shortlisted the patterns below but am leaving some options open for the second garment from 1940s-70s.


Eva dress pattern 1939 Evening gown

Eva dress 1935 Afternoon frock


Du Barry 1940s dress


Vogue 4882 1950s dress


Simplicity 8278 1960s


Kwik Sew 407 1970s Jeans

The Craft Book Challenge

Last but not least, the craft book challenge. The aim of this challenge is to make the most of the craft books sitting on the shelves. My original target was to complete a piece a month from craft books and magazines I already have before buying more. However, I realized that I might sew a few a month and none the other depending on TSW themes so I am going to be more lenient to myself. My revised target is to sew 12 items from craft books and magazines this year before further purchases.

Last year, I categorized Made Me items according to garment types. This year, I will be categorizing them based on these 4 challenges under the Made Me 2011 page. Think I’ve got myself fully committed for the year! What about you? Have you signed up for any sewing challenges this year?

Have a super-duper cosy valentines’ my friends and do stay tuned for my valentines’ dress which will be posted Friday PST!