Picnic Macaron Dress

I am in love with my picnic macaron dress. It makes me think of a refreshing al fresco lunch on a breezy summer day,  a picnic with sandcastle building, a barbeque and lots of laughter, even delicious crunchy red apples… it makes me daydream of happy things and brings a smile to a face.

Colette Pattern’s Macaron Dress has one of the most easy to use instruction booklets I have even read. The detailed explanation and graphics made the step by step instructions crystal clear  and simple to follow through. I chose an off white cotton fabric for the top, a blue gingham for the bodice and skirt and a smaller blue gingham for the midriff band which I widened for my version. The original band was a little too narrow for my liking. The fit, like what the instructions highlighted, had very little ease. I measured myself and made a size 6 and I love the fit! I didn’t need to make any adjustments. Yay!

I also love the hidden pockets behind the pleats and the flattering bodice. It was my first time sewing an invisible zipper. I practiced countless times on some extra dress fabric as advised and through the process I got to understand the tips from those of you who so kindly shared with me. Thank you so much everyone who left me tips on tackling the invisible zipper! Eventually, I decided that the method (using a normal foot) on Sew Serendipity was the one I was most comfortable with and used it for the dress. It is on the side shown on this photo and I’m happy with it.

I love that it is so different from the rest of the dresses I have made and a totally enjoyed the process of putting it together!