Goldilocks Bow Blouse w

I have expressed a couple of times my desire to sew a bow blouse from burdastyle’s Ute sewing pattern. When I bought the Japanese sewing book ‘Les couleurs francaises’ and saw project W (below), I immediately checked out the yardage requirement and was pleased that it only took 2 meters of fabric (Ute required 3 yards!) to create. Hence, I changed my mind.

The blouse used a fabric with scalloped edge and I happened to have a metre of that in my stash. That was not sufficient but after studying the pattern, I realised I could still use the scallop edge fabric if I were to combine it with some matching off white cotton linen and use the latter for the bow collar, the sleeves and the back of the blouse.  That was exactly what I did.

Here’s a close up view of the scallop edge and you can see why this blouse is named goldilocks. This lovely cotton linen fabric from Kokka depicts the story of Goldilocks & the three bears.  I love border print fabrics like this one, which makes the blouse look so unique and fresh.

This blouse was a little more complicated to make than the last but still the diagrams were a dream to work with and I managed to cut the fabric and sew the blouse in a day.  I just realised while posting this blog that the model in the book tied her bow much lower. I will give that look a try when I wear this out next time.

Like the last blouse, this one had quite a lot of ease. Again, I cut a size 11 but this time, I didn’t take  in the side seams as I thought it looked fine and rather tunic like. A very relaxed Japanese design. It’s definitely growing on me 🙂