Psst…there are gnomes in my Lady Grey…

I have never been unwell for so long that I couldn’t sew…To cut the long story short, my kids caught my cold/sore throat and passed them back to me! The good news is I am healed now and yes, I have finished my Lady Grey! I took these photos today and only after uploading them did I realise there wasn’t a clear photo of the peplum which I love. I will take some more shots and share next week. It wasn’t easy taking the shots, I was literally melting in the heat. It’s 30 degrees celsius today!

I love the color and am really pleased with it. I chose a gnome fabric by Michael Miller for the lining of this spring coat.

The side view and…
the back

The sleeves and shoulder pads definitely helped clear out wrinkles on the back 🙂 Besides the peplum, I also love the top-stitching details on the coat (yes, more photos of those too :)).  In the end, I didn’t do a bound button-hole. I did try it out on some additional fabric (my first and only try below) but didn’t have red organza so the white organza was peeping out at the sides. I will definitely try those buttonholes again in an appropriate future project.

Gotta go blow some candles off a birthday cake….have a great weekend! I will see you next week, share more photos/details on Lady Grey and tell you more about the next sewing theme.


UPDATE: New post with new photos of the Lady Grey here:)


Lady Grey in progress

Finally I got to start work on my Lady Grey. While I wasn’t able to follow the sewalong schedule, I have been following Gertie’s posts on Lady Grey closely. I am definitely going for the bound buttonhole after reading her tutorial on it. I’ve never attempted this before so I am pretty excited. Before I start on that, however, I wanted to ensure the fit was right or at least near it. So, after cutting out the shell pieces yesterday, I sewed the main pieces together this afternoon just to try out the fit. I didn’t have to make any alternations to my macaron dress which was also from Colette pattern so I was hopeful that the fit will be all right. I wasn’t disappointed as I liked what I saw at the end of the afternoon. Love how the front turned out. Please excuse my hand as I have not done the buttons 😛I think a well positioned button instead of my hand pressing down on the coat could remove some of the wrinkles below the lapel.

In particular, I loved the feminine peplum with its natural folds. These help a lot with proportions and definitely added points to how flattering a coat can be. It almost felt like I was wearing a mini dress!The side wasn’t too bad as well. The back had slightly more wrinkles but I thought I should sew on the sleeves tomorrow before deciding if I wanted to insert shoulder pads and make some adjustments to the back centre seam to see if I can get rid of those wrinkles at the waist. If you have any suggestion on how to improve how it looks, please let me know 🙂

I intended to make a light coat rather than one for winter cos’ obviously we have no winter here and a light coat will increase its chances of being worn during either a spring or autumn vacation. My husband and I agreed that we would not be bringing the kids on any winter vacation till they are slightly older and more resilient. The fabric is a home decor weight fabric from ikea which was on sale for US$3 per meter. Some of it went to the creation of my lil prince’s toy bag and I had about 3.5 meters left for this pattern. After laying the pattern tissues on the fabric, I was happy that it was indeed sufficient for the project! I am still toying with the idea of making my own fabric button for the coat and am happy to have found a really cute fabric for the lining which I will show you in later post. Let’s just say this is gonna be a fun Lady!