Festivity Macaron Dress

I caught a terrible cold last Thursday and have not been able to sew. My second macaron dress was almost completed with the exception of the invisible zipper and the hem. It has been a rather frustrating wait for me, staring at the unfinished dress but not being able to do anything to it until this morning. Here’s my festivity macaron, so named because I thought it would be so appropriate to wear for the next lunar new year celebrations.

I really enjoy the process of making a garment for a second time as it always turns out better technically. I made everything like the first dress with the exception of the pockets. I didn’t include them this time round as the fabric combination has already made the garment rather busy so I wanted the design to be more simple. The top yoke was made with Anna Maria Horner’s Social Climber while the bodice and skirt, Michael Miller’s Ta Dots. I used a solid pink fabric for the midriff band.

While I was unwell and couldn’t work on the dress, insecurities crept it as I ended up wondering many times if the fabric combination would work out. I even had Plan B worked out in my mind just in case. Here’s a photo I took to compare the dresses on Thursday.

I showed the dress to my mum and husband that night. My mum liked it while my husband said he could only tell when it is finished. When he came home on Friday evening, I realized he had checked out the Picnic macaron dress on my blog and told me he thought the colors from the Festivity version goes better with my skin tone. How sweet is that? I really appreciated him taking time to ponder about it and for his encouragement. Otherwise, I might not have completed the dress. Sometimes, I find it rather tough to determine if a fabric choice will turn out well for a particular project and am left wondering till the garment is completed. There were even times when a garment looked nice during fitting but the end product is hideous. How do you make a decision on your fabric choice. Is there a method that always works for you? Are there colors or prints you would never wear? I am still trying to figure that out but normally it is just a gut feel. In this case, I just happened to put two fabrics which I loved together.

I have decided to make one more dress for my dress week, inspired by this post by the Selfish Seamstress so I would be starting on a new theme next week. I’ll tell you more about the theme at the end of the week but I’ve started washing the fabrics in anticipation of it but am absolutely clueless. It is something I have never tried before and the language difference is going to be a challenge.  Nonetheless, I’m going to try my best and enjoy the process.

Have a blessed week everyone!