Meet Cape Tara!

The Sew Convert is utterly happy and utterly exhausted. I have completed the third and final Tara for the Tara Experiment Week! My source of inspiration is a cape dress from Harvey Faircloth which I mentioned in a previous post. Meet Cape Tara. My most versatile Tara so far.

The fabric is a discounted cotton fabric from Spotlight. I bought 2 metres of it at US$6.50. It is a light weight cotton but not as sheer as voile. I adapted the cape from my vintage butterick  B5032 pattern.

The blouse can also be wore without the cape.

I used white bias tape to create the tie-string sleeves. The fabric had rather cute fringes on its selvages so I cut pieces of them and added these to the back and front neckline area of the blouse as shown below.

I tried the blouse on after finishing the sleeves and realized I do not need to insert the elastic. So, I didn’t. However, I did tighten the fit around the waist area.

To create the cape, I cut the front and back pieces of the pattern, excluded the lining and shortened the length of the cape. The fabric selvages were also used as I cut the cape front centre on them so they finished like what is shown in the photo below. The cape is held together by snap closure but I stitched on a button made with the blouse fabric to coverup the snap. White ric rac was then sewn around the cape.

Psst…If you do not have a cape pattern, Ruffles & Stuff has a cape tutorial 🙂

For the Sew Convert, I am glad I have the weekend to recharge and sew more tops next week. Blessed weekend everyone!


Peekaboo Sleeve Tara

The Sew Convert is not exactly a fan of Sex And The City. In fact, I have never watched the series nor the movies. But, I was browsing through the newspaper some time ago when I saw the movie advertisement and on it was this dress with its sleeves. I was captivated. Immediately, I took my iphone and snapped a photo.

This was the inspiration behind Peekaboo Sleeve Tara. The sleeves are far from being identical off course, the one on Tara has more of a batwing sleeve look and is less sleek than the sleeves on the designer dress.

I used cotton voile from Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks. It is a super lightweight cotton and slightly sheer. I love the drape the fabric creates compared to the heavier cotton I used before.   

The dress looks romantic. I don’t think I have made anything in that category before. And I even like the way it looks from the back.

My deviation from the Tara sewing pattern:

I added 9″ in length to the sleeve’s curve (except the attachment portion). I was able to do so partly because the cotton voile was 54″ rather than 44″.  Cutting each sleeve piece apart in the middle, I sewed hems all around. I rejoined them at the centre top and bottom. I tried the top on to adjust the sleeves quite a number of times to get what I wanted so I actually spent more time than I expected on this Tara.

Tomorrow is already Friday and I can’t sew on weekends. It looks like I need to start cutting fabric 3 for the Tara Experiment Week tonight and start sewing tomorrow morning!

Oh! I was too busy to visit burdastyle these couple of days due to my Tara experiments, so I was shocked to learn that my Cloud Nine Plaid Blouse is on Burdastyle’s Best of May! The feeling is just amazing. I’m feeling blessed!

Bambi Tara

The first blouse from my Tara Experiment Week is done!  It’s  cool and comfortable, definitely something I will wear. I thought there is some retro vibe in it as well. It’s a sweet  blouse compared to the usual t-shirts I wear but I don’t mind it.

This time, I used a fabric slightly heavier than the last and I think it is a cotton/linen blend. That’s partly why I decided to go ‘sleeveless’ so that I can remain cool on a hot day.

My deviation from the Tara sewing pattern:

– Added flaps with white piping at the neckline and also a button.

– Used bias tape and lace for the sleeve in place of the butterfly ruffles.

One down, two more to go!!!

Tara Experiment Week

In preparation for Self-Stitched-September, The Sew Convert has turned her wardrobe inside out. There is a need to investigate what she needs to create from now till the end of August. Off course, she also had to decide which were the Made Me outfits she dared to adorn outside the refuge of her home. She figured that she has at least 2 tops and 3 dresses that are pass-able. The rest, she would rather hide at the back of her wardrobe. The Sew Convert came to a realization that she has been happily sewing dress after dress but what she really needed were more tops, shorts and if possible a jumpsuit or two (though dress-making can still continue concurrently:) Yes, for the records she loves making dresses and is not going to stop making dresses:)

Being a stay-at-home mum, weekdays usually means a top + shorts combo for The Sew Convert as she chauffeurs the prince and princess to school and back. The exceptions are her fortnightly trips downtown where dresses could be more appropriate. Saturdays are for shopping with the family, grocery buying and visiting the in-laws. Sometimes, the family also visits the zoo. So, she is happy to wear casual dresses (except for the zoo) or a top + jeans combo. On Sundays, the family goes to church. The Sew Convert would love wearing some dresses to church for a change.

To get some quick gratification from blouse making, The Sew Convert immediately turns to Burdastyle’s Tara, the first sewing pattern she used for a Made Me project half a year ago which resulted in this plaid blouse. The original Tara pattern has short ruffle sleeves which The Sew Convert will never ever wear so she created longer sleeves for her version.

The Sew Convert liked the Tara neckline. She enjoyed sewing and wearing it.  Tara is perfect for the perpetual summer in Singapore.  She is also very much aware that she has quite a few pieces of 1.5 metre fabrics sitting around. So she made a quick decision and set out to challenge herself. She shall attempt to create three (hopefully very) different tops from the Tara pattern this week.

Today, she managed to print the pattern and cut two fabrics from it. A third fabric is still drying and shall be cut soon. Even at this moment, she is still toying around with ideas on the adaptations for the third fabric. She managed to sew a little with the first fabric before playing chauffeur today. This is a sneak peek at the Bambi Tara. This Kokka fabric from Japan is so cute, it contains a zillion baby Bambis. Some details she added include front flaps with piping. She also intends to  stitch on the matching white button.

She hopes to get all three adaptations done by the deadline so that she can start working on other blouses next week. Thereafter, it will be two weeks dedicated to shorts and pants which would bring us to July, time to re-evaluate and re-plan. Oh and in case anyone is wondering why The Sew Convert is not making any skirts. That’s because she hates wearing them:)