Inspiring Home Decor

I’m stash busting so I really shouldn’t be at a fabric store but I desperately needed to stock up on machine needles and tracing paper so my husband and I made a trip to Spotlight. I grabbed them as quickly as I could and totally avoided the fabric section for my own sanity! After congratulating myself for the good exercise of self-control, we decided to lunch at a charming little cafe located right next door. It is called Tea Cosy. I have gone passed the cafe on many occasions. Surrounded by hundreds of white angel statues, the cafe only has around a dozen tables and looked extremely cosy and quaint. Little did I expect to find beautiful toile fabrics and retro inspired furniture in it!

Baby blue, brown and red toile fabrics were used as tablecloths and for chairs while gingham fabric was sewn into cushion covers, tablecloths and place mats.

The fabrics are not for sale but the chairs covered in toile prints are…in fact they sell all the fabulous retro inspired furniture too. So essentially it is a cafe cum showroom concept. I love the look of the place and off course the huge photo print of Audrey Hepburn! I want that gorgeous picture and the black leather chair in my sewing room so badly! Okay, the red chair and the hanging candle-stand can come along too!

How’s your weekend so far? I hope it has been cosy, relaxing and sew wonderful!