The ‘Love’ Batik Tunic

Meet the final installment of my resort style sewing, the ‘Love’ Batik Tunic.

This beautiful batik print quilting fabric is from Amy Butler’s Love Collection and I bought the lace neckline from Brighton Accessories in Chinatown. The shift pattern I used was originally meant for a dress, the Tunic dress from the book ‘Built By Wendy Dresses’ which I have previously employed for the Tablecloth Tunic Dress but for this version I shortened the pattern and redrafted the neckline to accommodate the lace piece. I then used an off white bias tape to finish the front and back necklines before stitching on the lace.

I love this tunic! In fact, when I first received this fabric many moons ago, I knew I wanted to sew it into a tunic and wear it with my ruffles ruby shorts. So, my dream has finally become a reality.

And when you read this post, I’m most probably wearing this outfit in the island of Phuket, Thailand. We are there for a short family getaway and back Sunday. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Are you all ready for Christmas my sewing comrades?


Nani Iro Tunic

While I was away from my sewing machine, my husband and I managed to catch three movies (Inception, Salt and Eclipse), get our hair trimmed at the salon and enjoy a couple massage. We even brought the kids to the beach, the park and went swimming together. Couple and family time have been great but it has been almost a week since I last had my sewing machine plugged in. I was very much looking forward to creating again. However, I must admit that when this day came, it was not easy getting my sewing groove back.

It took some effort to pull myself away from my Macbook and to get into the fabric cutting mode this morning. And after I changed the machine needle, the machine threader was not working properly so I’ve been relying on my eyes to do the threading the entire day which became rather exhausting.  I never knew how much I have taken the threader for granted. *sigh*.

Anyways, I am happy that at the end of the session, I completed my first project of the week and my final project from the Japanese Sewing Book ‘Feminine wardrobe’. That means, I get to make my Echino dress! Yipee!

Here’s me sporting a new tan and my Nani Iro Tunic. I love this Double Gauze fabric I got from Fabric Tales Japan. It is too gorgeous! I was crazy enough to leave the collection and designer names on one of the sleeves!

I knew I wanted to make a tunic with this fabric when I bought it but I have not tried Japanese sewing books then. The fabric print is very serene and reminded me of watercolor paintings. I wanted to use a pattern that is different yet simple. I’m very glad I waited and finally used this Japanese pattern and adapted it for a tunic.

This is the original photo from the book and the dress pattern which I adapted.

The pattern is C3 from the book and I used the bodice pieces from C2 as they were essentially the same pieces, only shorter. I didn’t use elastic for the sleeves as I thought that would be too puffy for my liking. I used french seams for the inside of sleeves so they looked neat even from outside. I love the front yoke and the pleats on the front bodice, back bodice and sleeves.

I love this tunic. It is super comfy and perfect for summer! Think I am getting the groove back.