Flashdance Knit Top

This is my first attempt in sewing with knit fabric! I was excited yet cautious. I used the Flashdance Flashback pattern from Wendy Mullin’s book Sew U Home Stretch.  The top is described as a shoulder revealing top which was once synonymous to the neo retro 80s look. I do not have a serger so I used my zigzag stitch and a jersey needle as recommended by the book. I wanted this to be part of my warm weather wardrobe so instead of using fleece, I used this semi sheer purple and silver knit fabric.

I actually bought this fabric three to four months ago but I have been hesitating…I thought sewing knit would be like learning to sew all over again. It wasn’t so bad. In fact, there was nothing bad about it. I enjoyed making this top very much. I think knit actually saves me a lot of sewing time because it does not fray and if you compare sewing zig zag stitches once down the seams to sewing the same seam twice when you do the French seams, it makes sense. I am definitely gonna make more knitwear! Here’s my first knit anything.

I followed all the steps in the book without deviation. After all, it’s my first knit and I don’t have the guts to adapt any of it. Not yet. I am just glad I managed to match the stripes:)


Little Folks Blouse

This is the first time I sew with voile and I’m in love. This fabric from Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks collection is so soft and so comfortable especially in the perpetual summer we have here in Singapore.  The fabric, despite its sheerness, ceases well and is a dream to sew. The areas where you see little white dots (front and back facing, end of sleeves) are the reverse side of the fabric. I decided to use the reverse on some parts of the blouse to add some variation and I thought it turned out pretty cute. The pattern is from Wendy Mullin’s Sew U book. A variety of pink buttons were used on the front and sleeve of the blouse. My mothers’ day gift to myself. Happy mothers’ day!

A closer view of the front facing.
Here’s the back view with the back facing. I managed to match the lines:)

Tablecloth Tunic Dress

I am in love with this tunic dress. Made out of one of the dress patterns from Built By Wendy Dresses (You get three basic sewing patterns with the book for three dress types), this is my version of the tunic dress. I love how comfortable the fit is and how well it fits my body type. And off course I love the Anna Maria Horner fabric named tablecloth. I chose a bright orange for the ‘border’ of the tunic but wasn’t sure if it was too loud at first but when I was trying on the unfinished dress I fell in love with the vibrant colour. I also took extra care to place the orange design of the main fabric in the centre of the dress and love how it turned out. Sides of the dress were finished with french hem.

Wendy Mullin’s book provided some tips on how to design the tunic but all other pattern drawing besides the basic shift pattern really depended on ME!!!!! It was kinda intimidating at first but I think the effort was worthwhile and a pretty good experience.  I can now make a few more of these dresses with variations on my own. How liberating is that!

However, I found the sewing instructions from the book rather vague for this dress and often had to figure out what the next step should be. I also had to unpick the bottom ‘border’ as the front and back didn’t match in terms of width and looked funny. I’m happy with it after re-measurement and re-sewing it. In fact I’m so happy with it that I shall be wearing the dress out this weekend.