Drape Wrap Skirt: A tutorial

Hello my sewing comrades! Finally, the Drape Wrap Skirt Tutorial as promised. I hope you find it useful:) Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any query.

Materials used:

Note: You can always experiment with different fabrics. I would recommend  using something light weight and with good drape. The yardage requirement might vary depending on your preferred measurements. 

Update: I mention 2.5 yards of fabric previously but I was mistaken, I had quite a lot of remnants so 1.5 to 2 yards will be more accurate.

1.5 yards of chiffon

1.5 yards of lining fabric

Commercial bias tape in contrasting color (you can also make your own)

One button

Iron-on interfacing

One chiffon rosette or any other embellishment you wish to add

Step 1: Cutting the fabrics

You need some basic measurements:

a) Your waist (W). I’m using mine as the example 27″

b)Your preferred length of the skirt (L)=25″

c) Calculate P, the upper width for the skirt pieces which is W/2 +3= 27/2+3=16.5″

d) Calculate H, the hem width for each skirt piece, P X0.5=16.5″+8.25″= 24.75″ (I rounded it off to 25″)

e) For the waistband, W X 2.5+6=73.5″ for the length and 4″ for the height.

Cut 3 pieces for the skirt as shown in the diagram below. If you are lining it, cut the lining similarly in reverse direction.

Cut 1 piece for the waistband

Cut 1 waistband interfacing  half the height of the waistband. In my case, 73.5″ (L) and 2″ (H), iron onto the waistband fabric

You will be cutting 2 identical skirt pieces with the third having an extended top width  (additional P/2) and an arc from that point to the bottom edge of the skirt. Ensure before cutting that the total hip measurement of the 2 identical pieces are greater than the measurement of your hip.

You will have these pieces after cutting

Step 2: Iron on a small square piece of interfacing onto point D. (Please ignore all the rest of the points for now 🙂 Explanations will come later.) Join the 3 skirt pieces together at the side seams with the exception of the extended seam. Repeat for the lining in reverse direction.

Step 3: Stitch the top and side seams of lining and skirt together, right sides facing, notch edges and clip seams. Turn over and press.

Step 4: Place the skirt around your waist and mark using an erasable fabric marker or chalk where the skirt ends and drapes.

Step 5: Pin and stitch contrasting bias tape from the marked point to the bottom edge of the skirt.

Step 6: Place the waistband against the fabric

Mark skirt and waistband at Point A and Point B (refer to diagram in Step 2). The length from A to B is where the waistband is attached to the skirt.

Point APoint B

Press the waistband at the centre lengthwise right side facing and stitch around the edge leaving a gap between point A and B. Clip seam allowance and turn the waistband over. Press and fold in the seam allowance between point A and B.

Step 7: Pin and stitch the waistband from Point A to B onto the skirt by topstitching  around the entire waistband.

Step 8: Create a buttonhole at Point C and sew on a button at Point D, stitch over interfacing (Refer to diagram in Step 2)

Step 9: Finish the hem and sew on the rosette (optional)

Wear the drape wrap skirt as we are done!

Drape Wrap skirt

Have a blessed week and happy belated mothers’ day to all yummy mummies (that’s all of you)!