The “Cute” Scallop Yoke and Floral Laurels

The “Cute” Scallop Yoke Laurel Dress: A 60s André Courrèges knock off

My lil princess has never really commented on the clothes I sew for myself. Well, not until last week when she saw the Scallop Yoke Laurel hanging in my room. “Mama, your new dress is SO cute”, she squealed in excitement. Her reaction surprised me and really made my day.

Scallop Laurel

This 60s André Courrèges knock off is my second version of the Laurel dress. I stumbled upon this adorable André Courrèges dress on etsy earlier this year and absolutely loved it! So, after completing quite a few projects with Colette Pattern’s Laurel sewing pattern, I gathered up the courage to attempt a knock off version of the dress using the patch pocket version of Laurel.

The front and back yokes were self drafted using my Laurel pattern pieces as reference (I called them my cos these are the post adjustment versions) and the scallop facings were drafted using the yoke pieces as reference. I also used much shorter sleeves (again without gathers) for this version. For the patch pockets, I cut 4 instead of 2, sew them together right sides facing and turn them around. After sewing Laurels with woven fabrics, I was also tempted to experiment with knit and made this scallop yoke Laurel using a very stable ponte knit in navy blue and orange from I do not think normal jersey which have a lot more stretch will work with this pattern though.


Yes, another dress to match these shoes:)


Conceptually, the idea of adding a yoke sounded simple but this version took me quite a white to complete as it involved multiple unpicking of stitches as I wanted the yoke to lie flat without pulling the fabric below. The yokes are topstitched onto the shift before the sleeves are attached.

Scallop Laurel CU side

I tried my best to make the back yoke meet and after a couple of unpicking sessions, it eventually worked out. Thank goodness.

Scallop Laurel back

The Floral Laurel Dress

The digital floral print and the scallop lace fabric were from the Dongdaemum fabric market in Seoul, Korea. Part of my fabric buy from our family vacation at the end of last year. After looking at so many fabrics at the Dongdaemum market, the digital print stood out and I wanted 3 yards of it. *boohoo* There was only around 2 yards left but I still went ahead and bought it.

Initially, it was meant to be the lining of my WIP jacket but when I discovered the main fabric of the jacket runs a teal blue hue, I decided to finish the jacket with bias tape rather than lining and kept this digital print for another project, so here it is.  The fabric is from stall A3091 (Yes, I can still remember:)), the stall I bought the most fabrics from, all digital prints.  This one is a poly/ silk blend.  I loved many of the prints at the stall and regretted not buying more. When I re-visited the Dongdaemum market on a Saturday afternoon, I realized most of the fabric stalls were closed! Most information I found on the web stated that they close at 6pm on Saturday but that is not the case. I chatted with one of the stall owners and he told me that 95% of stalls close around 2pm on Saturdays. So, if you are visiting Seoul and the fabric market, please go on a weekday and spend the whole day there. And if you see something you like, grab it. The place is so big that chance are you won’t be able to find the same stall again. Oh, and please bring cash.


This floral Laurel was my wearable Muslin. I don’t usually make a Muslin but I had to make quite a lot of changes to the side seams (from size 6 to size 0) and armhole to get this to work. It was only after all my “learnings” from this version that I was able to make changes to the paper pattern for the Laurel blouses and the “Cute” Scallop Yoke dress. And thank goodness the softness of the lace made the gathered sleeves look acceptable. It’s my only version with gathered sleeves. I wore this dress for an Easter gathering with friends and they were surprised that it’s a dress I sewed, not bought:)


Oops, sorry didn’t realize my sleeves were rolled up

Both dresses were finished without zippers as I didn’t find installing one necessary at all given that the dresses have a substantial amount of ease, both fabrics have some poly in them and don’t crinkle much. So, both versions are slip on shift dresses. However, if cotton or linen is your choice of fabric, I would highly recommend installing a zipper or the garment might be all wrinkly when put on.

I’m now busy with trench coat sewing, gosh it’s progressing so slowly!!!!! I hope to get it done in time for our family vacation in June. We will be spending two weeks in the beautiful country of Denmark, temperature is expected to be between 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. I can’t wait! I do not know where to start when it comes to fabric shopping in Denmark- I’ll be staying in Copenhagen, Odense and Legoland, Billund, so all recommendations are welcomed! 🙂


And in the meantime, I’m also happy to be back doing ‘So,Zo…’s’ Made Me May 2013! I took part in Made-Me-March 2011 and Made-Me-June 2011 but wasn’t able to participate in the last couple of MMM and SSS due to prior commitments. It’s so good to be back! So, here goes:

‘I, Adey of The Sew Convert, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear a minimum of one handmade or refashioned garment each day for the duration of May 2013, with no repeats.’

I won’t be able to do daily updates so I’m gonna opt for weekly updates for MMM13. Are you in yet? Why not set your own MMM target and join us for the fun?
Have a blessed week!

33 thoughts on “The “Cute” Scallop Yoke and Floral Laurels

  1. First let say…the shoes are fabuLOUS!!! Your dresses are TDF. I am in love with the blue and orange. Beautiful work, excellent fit. Your dresses have brought s smile to my face this morning.

  2. That scallop version is amazing! The best I’ve seen so far! I may try to knock that off myself when I get around to making Laurel!

  3. Love both these – especially the courreges inspired version. I’m also thankful to see some laurels that are more fitted. I had written off the pattern in my head because most the versions I’ve seen are very roomy (which would not be as cute on me as it is on others).

  4. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments:)

    @Noelle @Kelly: Thank you:) To fully utilize the pattern, I always try to make them as different as can be:)

    @Turina: Can’t wait to see your version:)

    @Angela: Glad it made you smile:)

    @Carolyn Hair: Oh! I love that red Courreges mini on that website, thanks so much or the link! I hope to see his exhibits ‘live’ some day!

    @Katie: Thank you so much! You made my day! I really adore it too:)

    @Suzanne: Yay!!!

    @girlguydogcat : Thanks! My thots too when I saw the pattern. Thank goodness I was able to use size 0 for the sides and that worked out well. Definitely more fitted than I had imagined.

    @sewbusylizzy: Thank you so much! I am crazy about those scallops too.

    @Kay @ Judy: Thanks:) Happy sewing too!

  5. I LOVE the scalloped dress – it is sooooo cute! I just bought some navy ponte knit and I’m thinking I might have to just straight up copy your scallop idea – with a more pear-shape friendly dress pattern 🙂

  6. I love all your Laurels, but especially the scalloped one – I have something similar on my Pinterest. Looking at your dresses and the tops it is amazing that they all came from the same pattern.

  7. Haha… I sketched exactly that scalloped yoke version (without seeing your inspiration dress!) two weeks ago! Great minds think alike? Haven’t gotten around to making mine yet though.

  8. Both dresses are gorgeous! I really really love the one with the scalloped yoke! Your daughter must have inherited your good taste! 😉

  9. Both dresses are really great!! The scalloped one is just so striking (love!!) and the floral is so pretty!

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