Mid Year Review, DVF inspired wrap dress & Giveaway winner

It’s the end of July and I have only got 3 months of sewing time left this year. There wouldn’t be a sewing machine with me in November and December as our family move to a different time zone for hubby’s studies. Looking at the sewing goals I set for myself in January,  all I can do is cringe!  cringe! cringe! I’m far from completing the goals!!!

How about you? Have you met all or half of your sewing goals for the year? Or are you reviewing and making changes to them like me? I could have stuck to them if I weren’t so distracted by the many sewing patterns calling out to me from my stash or some magical fabric that just beckons to be transformed into a garment. Ah…Temptations!

Let’s take a look at the goals I posted early this year.

1. Winter dresses from vintage patterns

Not cut nor sewn but I’ve made the first step of dry cleaning the fabric so one vintage winter dress is a likelihood.

2. Attempt the bound buttonholes and welt pockets

Welt pockets checked.  Bound buttonholes- I’m still really fearful of doing them! What if something goes wrong and the buttonholes totally ruin the garment I’ve spent time sewing? And I’m SO short on sewing time nowadays. These are things sewing nightmares are made of.  At the moment, it’s also more important for me to get the projects I want finished done by October so bound buttonholes will have to wait. I will definitely attempt them, just not now.

 3. Sew some projects from Japanese sewing books, Drape Drape and Pattern Magic series

I’ve sewn two projects from Japanese sewing books so far (one to be blogged soon) and I’ll be doing one project from Pattern Magic hopefully.

4. Sew a swimsuit  Sew winter coats and bodysuits

The swimsuit is not going to happen this year. Instead, I’m gonna be sewing 3 winter coats for the family and the Nettie bodysuit if possible. Bodysuits are definitely my winter staples!

5. Sew a DVF inspired wrap dress

DVF is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the wrap dress this year. Frankly, I’ve always wanted a wrap dress but the bidding on ebay for an original DVF wrap pattern is always beyond what I’m willing to pay for. So I looked around and settled on Style Arc’s Kate dress.

I loved the dress and even wore it for the first day of Me Made May 2014 (phone photo below) but couldn’t find time to blog.

The fabric is a Maggy London jersey from my stash. This is my first Style Arc pattern. It took quite sometime to arrive and only came in the specific size ordered. There are only a few lines of instructions but the dress takes really little time to complete. I was actually surprised at how fast a project this was. I did, however, do a few things differently with this pattern. The tie belt was lengthened significantly for a front tie and I really wanted the ends to reach the bottom of the skirt.


Instead of the interfacing recommended, I used the fusible knit stay tape from A Fashionable Stitch for the neckline, shoulder seams and the hem. I was really pleased with the result of a simple stay tape. The finishing looked really professional! Subsequently, I used the same knit stay tape on the Renfrew tops/ dress I was sewing for my Australian vacay. ADEY LOVES STAY TAPE.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Before I started on the project, I was checking out the various reviews and wrap dresses made using this pattern. I decided to have a lower V neck and managed that change with an extra turn of the neckline seam. I adored the feminine length of the skirt and the darts on the sleeves.

My Pfaff sewing machine has a wonderful feature. The Stretch Knit Overlock Stitch and this was its inaugural knit project!  Boy was I impressed with the results. My self made knitwear stitches has never looked this good! (I used to use the zig zag stitch)


The machine has a foot which glides overt the edge of the the fabric. This way the stitches come as close to the edge as possible.

To the hubby who bought me the Pfaff, I am utterly happy and grateful! I will definitely be sewing more knits!

And a special thank you to everyone who left sweet and encouraging words for my Linen Bamboo Blouse:) Thank you so much.

Chosen by random.org, the winner of the copy of “Basic Black” is Liz who said

The Flannel Short Coat would be perfect for some soft fuchsia wool in my stash. Your top (using teal linen) would be next on my list!”

Congratulations Liz, you’ll be hearing from me soon and I hope you’ll have fun sewing from the book!


Have a blessed week everyone!


21 thoughts on “Mid Year Review, DVF inspired wrap dress & Giveaway winner

  1. Such a pretty dress, great fit!!
    What books would you recommend for a beginner, and a great online no fuss fabric store? I live in Puerto Rico and there are not many good fabric stores.

  2. I love this wrap dress. I normally don’t sew knits because I’m not a big fan of them. I know, shocking. After looking at this gorgeous wrap, I might have to take up sewing knits. I’ve never sewn with style arc before, but I might have to reconsider that too!

  3. What a beatifully feminine dress – it looks perfect on you. Can i ask what model of Pfaff machine you have – the stretch overlock stitch looks useful.

  4. Lovely dress – very Dvf style! Thanks for the tip on that pfaff stitch. I bought a pfaff a few months ago and have been using the stretch tricot stitch for seaming knits. It’s really secure (much more so than a zigzag where I have found the stitches can pop and leave holes sometimes) but uses a ton of thread. I’ll have to check amd see if I have this stitch on mine!

  5. It’s a lovely wrap dress. I was wondering about this pattern: does it have a lot of ease or is it true to measurements? Do the sleeve run big? Does the armscye run low?
    How is the wrap neckline finished?
    sorry for all these questions but I would like to have some info before buying this pattern. Thank you

  6. Beautiful DVF look-a-like just gorgeous on you! The fit is perfect and your fabric choice is spot-on!!! Thanks for the review and must flip on over to Style Arc for this pattern. I had hopes that DVF would release a REVISED version of her pattern to celebrate the birth of her famous wrap dress, this year!!!

  7. @thenerdyseamstress: Thank you! Hopefully sewing knits yourself will change that cos they are so easy to wear and you will find them really fast to sew compared to wovens. Give it a try:)

  8. @sewingprincess: Thank you and no problem at all. The pattern has very little ease and uses a seam allowance of only a quarter inch, I used a stretchy knit and it fitted perfectly. It was true to measurement for me. The sleeves do not run big and the armscye was just right. The pattern actually suggested using rubber swimwear elastic, turning over and stitching like hemming. I used stay tape instead for a flatter finish. Hope that helps:)

  9. What a pretty wrap dress and totally inspiring. It’s exceptionally great to see more people sewing in Singapore! Would love to find more people sewing on this little red dot.

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