The Full Moon Experiment

This is not my usual sewing post. I am lost. Yes, lost. Yet, the truth is I’ve never felt so lost yet exhilarated with the potential of what’s happening. It is totally an experiment inspired by the mid autumn festival, where we celebrated the September full moon with mooncakes, pomelo, tea and some wine. What involved was drafting, twisting and turning of fabric to eventually create what is more of an avant-garde art form than simply a garment.

Oh yes, I finally got myself some baby blue and solid black scuba knit to sew up two versions of Full Moon from Japanese Drafting Book “Pattern Magic 3”.  Unlike the first two books, this version deals with knits. I chose to sew with scuba knit as I felt that this particular design required a knit with more body.


I’ve never sewed two huge circles together to form a top. It felt strange. Can two circles REALLY? I drew two huge circles followed by 3 holes on one circle (which formed the armholes and neckline) and one hole on the other ( for the waist and getting into the top).

full moon

The two circles worked, miraculously and I might actually like them.

The Blue Moon

blue moon




I didn’t bother to finish the arm openings, neckline nor the hem since I thought the unfinished effect only strengthens the edginess of the design.  I sewed a Nettie skirt to go with the blue top which was done exactly like the Pattern Magic photo on the top of this page and a pair of 70s culottes to go with the black top, which I experimented further by turning the bottom full circle front to back.

The Full Moon







The strange thing is, there seems to be something classic about these edgy pieces. Totally strange.

Love that the experiment and whole discovery process was just pure fun! Fabric manipulation is truly an art form. Who knew two circles with four holes could create such interesting variety of shapes in fabrics?  The question is will you wear these tops out? I’m still unsure.


36 thoughts on “The Full Moon Experiment

  1. Oh wow… I don’t think I could pull that off but the pattern looks fabulous on you, especially the shoulders! I’m going to have to pick up one of their books, I’ve just been working on my sewing skills before I take that plunge.

  2. That is an awesome piece!!
    Those types of books aren’t quite for me but I loooove seeing them on others. This looks like something that would win project runway (in an awesome way!!).

  3. You look very elegant and avant garde. I think you can definitely wear them out….even if it is just to see what everyone thinks! You may be surprised by how on trend everyone is! You need an experimental wearing !! It will be fascinating!

  4. seriously cool! very avant garde, as you say, and i would not know how and when to wear them! but i think the classic vibe is because it is somewhat reminiscent of cascading bias-cut draping bakcs from the 30s.

  5. I LOVE this top!!! You wear it beautifully as well! These pictures should be in the book! The Japanese pattern books are more and more intriguing to me! I want them all.

  6. I am so glad you were brave enough to have a go at this pattern! It looks great- wear it out to dinner, the movies, casual gatherings and even formal! I’m going to make one in fine black cotton voile!

  7. I think both pieces are really beautiful and you’ve carried them really elegantly! 🙂 was the skirt also from the pattern magic book? Do you mind to share where I can find the skirt pattern please? Thank you 🙂

  8. I hope all it well too. I miss your beautiful clothes. I am hoping you are having such a wonderful busy life you can no longer post.

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