Named Magena Pattern: Bronze Fringe Dress and Galaxy Jumper

Have you seen the Named Magena sewing pattern? It’s a fringed jumper pattern and I adored it at first sight.


The only difference is I made it into a dress first. I used an abstract black & bronze jersey for the yoke section and black jersey for the rest of the outfit. Both fabrics are from my stash. YES!!! Happy to be stash busting!. I owned absolutely no fringe so a happy girl I was when I managed to track down this metallic bronze fringe to go with it.  I have not made anything in black for a long while and absolutely loved the combo! This is my first time sewing with Named sewing patterns so I thought I might need some time to get use to it. However,  this pattern was SO fast and easy to sew that I made two versions back to back.




This is a dress I totally enjoy wearing! And the fringe is just so in trend now. Here’s a phone photo hubby took one weekend when I paired it with gladiator sandals. You can’t see from the photo but my nails were painted bronze too. Totally matchy-matchy.image1

And after sewing up a dress version by simply lengthening the pattern pieces and doing without the waistband,  I sewed a jumper version without fringe.  The white and the galaxy print came from the same scuba knit fabric embossed with a quilted finishing. The white is the reverse but I used it anyway.






I totally love this edgy sportswear inspired jumper and am actually thinking of sewing a matching bottom for this jumper using the anima pant pattern. What do you think?


21 thoughts on “Named Magena Pattern: Bronze Fringe Dress and Galaxy Jumper

  1. Oh how unusual ! I think the fringing is bang on trend! The styling with your gladiators is perfect! I like the casual one for your jeans too. I have not seen these patterns before, but what’s not to like if they are so quickly put together!

  2. Very cute! I love how you lengthened it into a dress, looks great on you. 🙂

    Also, I highly recommend the Anima pants pattern – I’ve made it twice now, and love it.

  3. Oh wow! You certainly convert people to sewing, with this kind of output 🙂 Fabulous! I think the top fabric on the dress is my favorite, it pairs beautifully with both fringe and black!

  4. Wow I love this, that is both pieces you made, but the jumper really talks to me (if that is possible). I have been in a sewing lull, I think you just gave me the inspiration I needed. Both pieces look great on you and I love your going out picture with your gladiator sandals and bronze nails!

  5. Has the definition of the word ‘jumper’ changed? It used to refer to a sleeveless dress that you wore over a shirt of some kind. In your blog it is a shirt. Is there some other description that goes with shirt? I was totally confused at first. It is cute though.

  6. Oh looking forward to that post. Remember how you inspired me to make my best ever make….. My lace trench coat? Well, this year I have made a trench coat with a big bow on the side where the lapel should have been I saw Dita Von Teese in one! I love it!

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