Picnic Macaron Dress

I am in love with my picnic macaron dress. It makes me think of a refreshing al fresco lunch on a breezy summer day,  a picnic with sandcastle building, a barbeque and lots of laughter, even delicious crunchy red apples… it makes me daydream of happy things and brings a smile to a face.

Colette Pattern’s Macaron Dress has one of the most easy to use instruction booklets I have even read. The detailed explanation and graphics made the step by step instructions crystal clear  and simple to follow through. I chose an off white cotton fabric for the top, a blue gingham for the bodice and skirt and a smaller blue gingham for the midriff band which I widened for my version. The original band was a little too narrow for my liking. The fit, like what the instructions highlighted, had very little ease. I measured myself and made a size 6 and I love the fit! I didn’t need to make any adjustments. Yay!

I also love the hidden pockets behind the pleats and the flattering bodice. It was my first time sewing an invisible zipper. I practiced countless times on some extra dress fabric as advised and through the process I got to understand the tips from those of you who so kindly shared with me. Thank you so much everyone who left me tips on tackling the invisible zipper! Eventually, I decided that the method (using a normal foot) on Sew Serendipity was the one I was most comfortable with and used it for the dress. It is on the side shown on this photo and I’m happy with it.

I love that it is so different from the rest of the dresses I have made and a totally enjoyed the process of putting it together!


14 thoughts on “Picnic Macaron Dress

  1. you wore the dress so well! cute 🙂
    i’ve never dare to make myself a dress. if i ever pick up that courage one day, i’ll be sure to re-read your posts for the tips and suggestions. you’re an inspiration! 🙂

  2. Oh how cute!! I love how it turned out and it’s a perfect fit!

    I’ve long admired Colette’s patterns, but have been afraid to try them because them seem designed to best fit those more blessed with… well, womanly curves. Anyone else stitch up any of Colette’s patterns that have a boyish shape, and if so do they still look good? I’d be curious to hear. This dress would hands down be my first to try! 🙂

  3. Absolutely GORGEOUS! I love the dress on you and it brings a smile to my face too 🙂 I bet you’ll have a few people asking about where you bought the dress.

    Congrats on your first invisible zip — can’t see it, so you did a SUPER job!!!

    Now so much for trying to do a virtual sewalong with you cos I haven’t even cut out my muslin yet. But your inspiring creation will keep me going! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you, you people are just so kind! Sorry for the late reply as I’ve been under the weather.
    @Simone: hope to see your muslin soon kekeke 🙂

    @Susie: if I’m not wrong there is an bust adjustment tute on colette pattern’s blog which I thought I had to use since I’m not a C cup but the bodice looked fine when I stuck the pattern piece on myself so I went ahead without the adjustments. This is definitely a pattern worth trying!

    @Fiona: Go ahead girl, make a dress. After the first it is difficult to stop:)

  5. Excellent work! Now that Halloween is getting close, I believe I will make this exact dress and morph into Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. *My boyfriend can be the Tin Man so I can use up all that silver sale fabric. Thanks for the inspiration!

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