My Birthday Dress, the ‘Half way there’ Muslin Tee and a Giveaway winner!

I’m now officially 39 and to celebrate my birthday, I made this “With or without bow” Birthday Dress for the Sew Weekly Challenge last week. The theme was the color purple, which happened to be one of my fave colors to wear. It’s strange that while my fave color is green- sage to be exact, it does not appear much in my wardrobe. So, I’m wondering. Do you wear your fave color often? Or is your fave ‘wear’ color different from your fave ‘usual’ color, just like me?

The dress is made from Simplicity 1291 from 1944 which I found on etsy and instantly loved! It can be wore with or without bow since the bow works very much like a brooch. 

And off course without bow, I would fasten the waist tie such that the black and white contrast faces outwards. It is my preferred way of wearing the dress.

The skirt is sewn with an orange lining which does a peekaboo when I am seated. More photos and info on my TSW post here.

This week was tough, tough, tough. It’s the week of “Going Patternless” on The Sew Weekly. I handed in the ‘Half way there’ Muslin Tee which I drafted from scratch through lots of trial and error, as I was too tired at the end of completing the muslin to sew another dress in the same week. The source of inspiration is the Sweet on Stripes Dress from Modcloth and eventually I hope to finish sewing a similar dress like it.  You can read more about the project on my TSW post here.

My WIP shot. My idea on paper. I’ll have to change all the stripes on the back of the dress if I want them to match at the seams. Ideal versus reality. And I realized the button at the back of the neck tie was not necessary. 

Giveaway winner

And off course I didn’t forget, the winner of my birthday giveaway is …………………….#78, Nicole Tobin! Congratulations Nicole, I’m be sending you an email shortly. I hope you enjoy sewing with this fabric! I want to thank all who participated and especially those who went through my entire list of outfits sewn for TSW this far and shared with me your thoughts! Thank you, I’m in the midst of tabulating the scores on each garment as I’m curious curious curious. On whether I will still be sewing weekly next year, I’m still undecided but I’ll definitely still be sewing regularly and as and when possible sewing along the themes for TSW and off course sewing up some mother/daughter fashion as I’ve mentioned previously.

I’ll be away on family vacation very soon till after Christmas but do look out for the Christmas giveaway I have scheduled!

A super blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones!


9 thoughts on “My Birthday Dress, the ‘Half way there’ Muslin Tee and a Giveaway winner!

  1. I love your purple dress and its great worn both ways, although I favor without the bow and the contrast waist ties showing. Purple is actually my favorite color and I do wear it a lot, but when I look around my home and wardrobe, green has purple beat.

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