Ruffles Ruby

A couple of days after finishing the red denim ruby, I came across a magazine called Designare at the petrol kiosk. It’s one of those magazines which is basically a compilation of runway and gala photos. I was browsing through when a picture caught my eye. The model was wearing a pair of white ruffles shorts (and it’s shorts week for me!). Pretty cute, I thought and it became the inspiration for my Ruffles Ruby. Here’s a photo of the shorts that inspired me.

After seeing the photo, I told myself  that the ruby sewing pattern would be rather appropriate for this design and wanted to give it another shot. I imagined that Ruffles Ruby will go perfectly with a summer tunic top or a simple white blouse. So, here’s my version.

This time my basting and fitting paid off and the waist fitted well. Yay!

I learnt my lessons from the Red Denim Ruby and did not use interfacing this time. I used a light weight cotton fabric of the same colour and tone of white to create the ruffles so they would not be bulky. To keep the back simple, I skipped the pocket.

I sewed this pair of shorts based on my memory of making the last pair and decided not to refer to the confusing instructions. It actually worked better for me:)


8 thoughts on “Ruffles Ruby

  1. WOOOWWW! What adorable shorts!!! GREAT job. Now if only I could sew me a pair like that and conjure up your nice figure to carry them off too. You’re soooo rocking these stylish, fashionable shorts.

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  4. dit :Hihi! ça c’est la réalité!! Je crois que je vais te suivre et partager les photos de mon salon en ce moment (pas glorieux…) et ma tête avec cernes et ches-uxefrisvotis (temps humide: merci!).Ton arcticle fait du bien au moral, on se sent moins seule!

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